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  1. I'm sure he's played more than 3. About a dozen, I think.
  2. Probably both a pair of wankers, but the prick with the mike at the end needs filling in just for that last 30 seconds.
  3. Traf


    I was so frustrated with Morley on Saturday. Like others, I've been banging a drum for him to start and he just didn't perform.
  4. Yes, they should. I'm away, too.
  5. Traf


    Good job games last much longer than 80 mins and that goals scored after 80 still count the same as one in the first minute. Superb backing again, even after the final whistle.
  6. He's not yoof anymore 😉
  7. Traf

    Name The Ground

    Baseball Ground, Derby
  8. As things stand, tough.
  9. I couldn't be further out if I tried.
  10. He also told us Higuain was better than Messi or Ronaldo, so I'd tread carefully.
  11. Poor weather in that area for a good few days, I'm told.
  12. Traf


    Correct. Might catch teams out, everyone's used to 3-5-2, 3-4-1-2 etc etc, but an old style 4-4-2 might work for some away games, solid back 4, 2 solid centre mids, 2 "wingers", a target man and a smaller one playing off him.
  13. Traf


    Oooooh, if we're playing this game, I'd like to see.... Trafford Jones Santos Johnston Iredale Sadlier Morley Dempsey Dapo Bodvarsson Charles
  14. I don't believe your dog knows 7 right backs.
  15. Crewe (A) April '91, night game. Tony Philliskirk had been promised a family trip to Florida by the chairman (Hargreaves?) if he scored 25 goals (or maybe 20) that season and he hit the landmark in that game. About 5 mins after getting the goal he need the ball came into the away end and I shoved it inside my coat. Traded it with TP the following week for a signed shirt and signed ball.
  16. Hope it's a draw and both West From & Huddersfield win.
  17. Traf


    Bet you end up in a pub.
  18. Driving up to Settle to sit waiting for the rain to stop will be fun.
  19. I have us losing to France in the quarters.
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