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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. I haven’t seen any of it.
  2. One might suggest they’re failing.
  3. You missed out white flag waving, tank reversing surrender monkeys.
  4. Anyway, tickets purchased, so thanks again S.
  5. Conditions of buying a Fleetwood ticket should have included buying one for this too.
  6. I don't like to talk about it 😉
  7. Cheers, mate. 6pm here, then. will do it before I go for tea.
  8. What day/time for Shrews tickets please?
  9. Have they found that Ecuador fan’s head yet? He was definitely being killed after the game
  10. Traf


    Vikings getting routed at home. 34 unanswered points at present
  11. Shut the door on the way out, will you xx
  12. As far as I understood it, nobody helped you in the expectation of being repaid. Keep it or give it to charadee.
  13. Could come back to Bolton and still be our best player.
  14. Time zones are the killer for me.
  15. Traf

    Kids Footy

    No safeguarding issues filming U-15's without consent?
  16. I'll watch the Iran game with a few beers. Not sure about the other two games.
  17. Unless the free pint can only be redeemed via an app that you can only access after completing a fan park registration form.
  18. Are the match day buses running?
  19. Yeah, pretty much free, as it should be.
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