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  1. freak results against shitty teams happen, tis their cup final after all oh well, we go again tuesday
  2. I still think we'll win the league
  3. Good article about them https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58729231
  4. Coopers not the swansea manager anymore, left int summer
  5. Kachunga was sent racist messages after the Burton game, hope it wasn't one of our own fans. Named, shamed and lifetime ban if it was, yet people on here still support booing when players take the knee. 🥺
  6. Whatever happened to that Bright Amoeteng fella?
  7. One of those days, cue a foaming whitesince63 and an appearance from hughmungo
  8. sent - thewanderer1958 says you cant accept pms
  9. are audio links ok to be posted here?
  10. yep, thought everyone knew that for this season
  11. Wimbledon website says match is on ifollow
  12. apparently not, tis on espn plus if you have a dodgy box
  13. different ref and we would've won that
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