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  1. In the controversial interest of balance there's usually some Jesus weirdos on the town hall square daily with crisp starched white shirts and a Bible.
  2. Moxey should do better and stop the shot but it's still a weak shot that should be saved. If Amos does his job we are discussing a good performance and win
  3. They had 23% possession last night and managed to win. That won't happen very often. I still prefer football with the ball
  4. Mind numbingly boring tactics if you can call them that as it has been for 18 months. It isn't likely to improve he has learnt nothing. Please leave Douglas please
  5. Even a pie and a cup of tea was £5!! Hip flask this year I think
  6. I believe neil fitzmaurice aka Ray Von said in an interview something along the lines of it be a cold day in hell before he worked with Peter Kay again. I think it's linked to the same reason Dave Spikey fell out with him over writing credit.
  7. Are you worried we'll get him off you?
  8. Christ if we've lost Tomski we are truly fooked. He's never predicted anything less than a win ... ever. He even thought we'd come back against Stoke
  9. Is it correct Bournemouth are the highest placed team we've beaten this season?
  10. He'll never get this group of players to play for him. Especially after what he said last week. So we either get rid of all the players and get some in who'll play for him or get rid of the manager and get someone who can this group of players to perform. Option two for me
  11. Excellent today. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Not said many times under Douglas
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