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  1. Alonso came from Real Madrid. He was not physical on the pitch and he has no pace. He was often caught upfield when he lost the ball and is now reduced to sitting at home polishing his premiership medal and counting his wad. I think Derik is one of those players who divides opinion and some folk are never going to take to him. He is however a squad player and no more.
  2. The poor man's Ross Barkley. Scally with an inflated opinion of himself. Let me stand back whilst the lines of suitors form up............. Do you want to play or not?
  3. Henrik vs Arsenal, he admitted it was just a toe bunger in the post match interview. Either way, shithouse Lehman never got near it.
  4. I was right behind the line of that free kick vs Villa and I could not believe he would hit it with the outside of his foot with that run up. The look of horror on Sorensen's face was great to see. JJ was always good in an interview "I was calm"; classic!
  5. Shove that up your jaxi Aldridge. Bring on the next Scouser victim myth
  6. I would like to say I feel sorry for Blackburn, Wigan and Owen Coyle..........................just kidding! We on the other hand will be in the Championship next season.
  7. Too many fuckwitts on the pitch for me Sunday.Grand game though
  8. Street parking off Federation Road is ok, industrial units, free parking. Also good to dart back to the A500 past the kettle works.
  9. Heads up for Saturday for anyone thinking of using M6 J15 and A53 to Shrewsbury....don't. The A53 is closed at Loggerheads so use 16 or 14 on the M6.
  10. Disgrace for the gyppo owners of Leicester.
  11. He still hasn't managed to better the post Stoke 5-0 demise he wreaked on our club. He'll soon be back on 5Live spouting shite on a Tuesday night.
  12. We were conned into paying Jamie Fullarton's wages. He played at Molineux for us and was wank. Freedman, Allardyce, knobheads both. 1-0 to us.
  13. As Garth Crooks asked on Final Score "Where's Scunthorpe anyway?" 2-0 to the Trotters (It's a no hope town full of doomed industries on the River Trent, no wonder the bloated fly-catcher had trouble finding it on the map, Stokie fuckwitt to the last)
  14. A shabby man installed in a shabby affair. Still never won more than he lost at any club I shall be there to give him hell of course.
  15. Konchesky living up to his reputation as a truly wank left back. Watch him on the first goal, marking thin air and clueless about what's going on around him.
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