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  1. There isn’t half some crap posted on here at times
  2. And we still managed to draw - brill
  3. I’d add Murphy to the list of shite - as morbid as Lawrenceson and never calls a big decision right
  4. Is elbowing worse than kicking people in the face?
  5. And one more if going space
  6. Schwazer did it with Chelsea and then Leicester - without playing a game for Leicester
  7. And Lawrie Wilson supposedly joining the ex-Bolton contingent at the DW
  8. Where's the "not sure if serious" gif
  9. I do love his effort, but he isn't half thick at keeping himself onside
  10. But we have a striker with pace that has hardly seen the pitch since scoring a last minute winner
  11. Did we really play good? Made few chances, carried on playing a high line despite burnleys hit and hope tactics Was crying out for a change in approach yet Lennon made like-for-like subs for poorer players
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