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  1. After This i Think Southgate Will get Anougth 4Years
  2. anyone on ifollow not getting a pic
  3. thats a strange team whos where
  4. Prob better having a £1 on Santa spotting
  5. we are passing it back more then Bolton has any player run at a man and Beat him him
  6. for the game Friday there were about 400 outside
  7. im pritty sure GAZZA didnt Win is First England cap till he was 23
  8. He cuould walk in to any team in the world and be a starter
  9. a Fucking Yellow what was he thinking
  10. just seen Ronaldo The Diveing cheeting Mank Cunt is the first player to Score in 5 world cups
  11. Think they play at Leigh's Ground
  12. Your Player of the Season now😂
  13. BWFC might have said if you take the Lot one Price for all
  14. How the fuck did Charls Miss that Good play from Sadlier
  15. on FB 1250 sold so far 400 left
  16. just had a Email its on Ifollow so on Dodge box too
  17. Son in Law had a free £20 bet was waiting for USA win for £240 before the game could have Cashed Out for £70 told him take it use it to bet again daft cunt Dont Listen had a Draw all over it
  18. Bit of Dust in my eyes there
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