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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. 2-1 on a wet tue night
  2. How HOT was it under that stand
  3. bet they dont on Police Advice
  4. your not on your Tod loads off here going OR Get BLACKED up People will think your RUDY and be all over you pal
  5. found 2 games on but not ours
  6. as anyone ever sat in the south stand
  7. £3.20 for Smart water WTF is smart water
  8. popped in for one 5 food places Fratellis Pizza is the best around bye a mile 1 Bar Q's too big they will get it right big Screen and a singer will get a lot better
  9. had a good chat to @bolty58 in the hotel after nice to see him he got a couple of books of Smiley
  10. i popped in for one Fan Zone 5 food places Fratellis pizza is the best around just need Another bar or two got the making of something good
  11. its good if you live in Leigh or the start of the Journey and your going both ways its only £3.50 OVS not good for Baz where he lives but the fat cunt could always walk it 😜
  12. You only live once One life live it
  13. i thought it was a Woman's Lady bits Flower = Pussy - Cunt - Clout - Lady's little love Pocket
  14. i seen him for Everton a few times Rangers in a champions League game / a couple of League games Middlesbrougth Twice and One England Game was outstanding in them all for rangers he scored 19 in his first season and 17 in is second
  15. THIS that's what i thought too
  16. would love to be in them Showers
  17. Why your GAS bill just come
  18. She is fit there Keeper are there lot Lesbos live our lot
  19. if it dose there is only one winner Zie Germans
  20. Prob cause they dont need to put the Black netting up between fans
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