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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. Can you Imaging what on there Hard Drive
  2. Congratulations Grandad Dint know she was Pregnant ?? Dose she look like she has Swallowed a Couch
  3. Its vary good that watched it last year on my Box
  4. Did Big Sam have a Go there or am i imagining it
  5. The Night Agent Well worth a watch im 2 in now
  6. Im sure they can didn't ours go play for others
  7. Watched it Yesterday Was Funny some good DEATH's in it Based on a True Story
  8. Yes the Millstone cant find it think its next Friday from 7
  9. well if they want a Proper Bolton Experience
  10. There is some king of meat and great in a Bolton Town Center pub
  11. There is no Power Away from Politics
  12. Daisy Jones and the Six is worth a watch Think its Based on Fleetwood Mac Girl who play's Daisy Jones ...is Riley Keough ....Elvis Grandaughter
  13. Coach's leaving at 5 if you park on the Car Park be there no Later then 6.30 😂😂😂
  14. Horwich / Westhoughton / Over Hulton
  15. they picked a Shit pub to meet in ive Never had Pink Shorts
  16. is that the Game Harding Died in the Hellicopter crash
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