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  1. if we can win next week we will beat Sunderland FACT
  2. Cheers for that KNOB CHEESE Missed the Second goal some cunt stud up in front of me Look at that Pass from The new Lad Morley LW
  3. think Santos plays better when Jones plays MORLEY reminds me of Mark Davis
  4. Striker off Defender on ???
  5. Rob Holding ....Captain today how much we get for him £1.50
  6. is Gilks not the Goal keeping Coach Anyway he should be saying that to the lad anyway its a Ace idear the thing is would you want to be Shouting at a Big Black lad who is also the Captain
  7. wasted free kick and Corner
  8. ive got the Hartlepool 2 on is there ET or just Pens Or Both
  9. looking at his games he has only ever played 7 games
  10. ive got in on my Box thing
  11. anyone see that Villa player Dive Embarrassing
  12. FFS they just watched the ball come in to the box
  13. Possession only 36% watch us win with vary little Possession
  14. this Yorkshire Pudding just said we not beat them there since 1966
  15. that was Last Year 😜
  16. the Jocks have a Winter Break how long that last ??
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