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  1. its a 1pm KO too im at the night do too
  2. these cunts just chatting between them
  3. all you can here is our lot
  4. lost it 3 times in 30 sec's
  5. i must have same Feed as sat just Crowed noise our lot
  6. funny enough i was chatting to Brownie's Ex Mrs today Karen
  7. why are the Benches about 50 yards apart ????
  8. ive no commentary just crowed noise like when there was empty grounds
  9. Spazzy Darren M0ngy Darren thanks Lads Never knew you Cared so much
  10. stay away then don't jinks us
  11. if all them are in the Jock league he must be shit
  12. is it not just we are vary vary good
  13. anyone see our fans where are they ???
  14. its about time a REF give us something was clear cut
  15. should think so after his slip
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