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  1. Spotland with a hangover. Magic of the cup.
  2. Fell into usual trap of overcommitting against they're packed defence. 9 minutes extra time for four head injuries after they went 1 up. Big ask to get back on track for Wigan Saturday.
  3. Bollocks. Big week with Wycombe and Wigan at home to come.
  4. Rochdale away day after were up for Charlatans in Manc. Turned out nice again
  5. You're welcome. Say it a little bit louder now........ On inflated attendances Charlton running scared and letting ST holders bring 3 people free for our visit next week.
  6. With JCL FiL's IT skills best set him on it now.
  7. Is this going to get me and the yoof out of Morcambe on Boxing Day?
  8. You wait till his team start feigning death every five minutes and you're looking at 8 minutes injury time.
  9. Says something when disappointed with point away. Enough chances to win but Mackem FU keeps us top, just.
  10. Live game at Sheff Weds on Sunday at 1215. Nice for travelling fans.
  11. Maybe you will have to take a pragmatic view on the beautiful game . Having two men in 6 yd box for goalkicks was only inviting us to hound rest of your players high up leading to lump it to big bloke up top too often. We're getting results from mixing it up, can play triangles through the middle but will play down channels as well.
  12. Wrong thread but taxis in Plymouth fucked since Brexit. One firm had monopolised using Polish drinvers for years. 100+ Toyota Prius got left at Brizzle Airport. Not sure how much the driving rain into faces affected that game of two halves. Just glad it didn't start 15 minutes earlier.
  13. Luckily southerly wind will be blowing onto the side screen of the corner you ate on, so if you should all be able to get far enough back to be out of rain.
  14. We play 3 5 2 so would be matching up. Don't worry about the rain. Pitch drains like a colindar
  15. Working so will be lucky to sneak a swift couple in Cherry Tree before the game. Second closest boozer to ground. Has Timmy Taylor landlord on draught but don't mouth off in there. The maids are scary enough Presume most of you on overnight stops will be around the Hoe and Barbican. If weather as crap as predicted try the Fisherman's which is off waterside but decent boozer. The Brittania nearest ground is about as good a Spoons as you will having taken over a decent boozer. Mutley Plain a decent shout for short run. The Fortescue hS great beers, Mannamead another half decent Spoons and Hyde Park has some good food and ale. Don't show any colours in there. Not trouble but just do t like football crowds. If you're stopping long enough with car shout and I'll recommend places to get out to . Safe journey all.
  16. Textbook Argo as well so lump on. We're so much better on counter and susceptible to breaks so wouldn't be huge surprise
  17. Well jell of the yoof snr this afternoon. Starting to make up for the years of shit after admin took him through
  18. No JCL in laws down for this so normal seat for this one, far corner from away blocks.1 Looks like weather will save the patio furniture of the Barbican. Safe journey all.
  19. Another difficult game today after bossing first half but well say it quietly. We are top of the league......
  20. Be interesting to see how they approach it. Kayak appear to only have one year sponsorship deal so money will be siphoned in that route Papers saying 190M spend possible but there is no obvious talisman like Shearer or Beardsley to bring in so likely to end up overpaying for Europa standard . The 5-10 years ties in with investing in their Academy but 13 years on City's massive (see what I did there) investment has only produced Foden capable of playing in a UCL challenging team, although 60M of sales a season will help FFP.
  21. Adding Wolves to that list or does 'istree only count if on MotD?
  22. Be interesting to see if the 'istree clubs are all over them with FFP. Lot of catching up to do with Chelsea and City academy production line model.
  23. Pay offs usually over period of contract. Remember Moyes was still being paid two managers down the line at DMB
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