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  1. Penalty win at the shithouses. That'll do nicely
  2. Best bit of scouting ever bringing him to the SW under all the local league clubs noses. Shame couldn't hold onto him long enough to drag us into top-flight
  3. Championship quality game today. Rearranged game against Wednesday next week and then run of games against bottom half. See if we break down some bus parking
  4. Are we building for 2026 and beyond??? With this mismatch of players and tactics may as well get Big Sam back
  5. That’ll get a bit messy with the gormless pint chuckers if England score
  6. Said after the game we were lucky to beat you and only time this season been second best. Think we'll be around 6-8th come the shake up, depending on injuries to key players and recalls for loanees
  7. Lowe never had a plan B and plenty of games opposition made changes he didn't respond to. Honestly think we've been left with brains from the pair
  8. Jay Lloyd Samuel's son Lakyle in the U17 squad
  9. 22 attempts on goal. Thank feck one went in.
  10. Reckon he got booked for this??
  11. Unbelievable that Rugby Union going ahead. Think the football Chiefs got caught on the hop
  12. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1103597/The_demise_of_Her_Majesty_Queen_Elizabeth_II-_National_Mourning_Guidance_.pdf official guidance allows for events on day of the funeral let alone tomorrow. Only people to benefit from cancellation would be publicans before the police have to deal with aftermath of loads of pissed up re enactments of Cabaliers and Roundheads
  13. Blimey, you were better team if not for our keeper, Hey a striker on a run pf confidence and you'll be flying
  14. Dolphin is on the Barbican but definitely worth a visit for a Jail Ale or two. On beer Salcombe and Otter other local small breweries worth a try. If only have St Ozzle look for Proper Job over Tribute Dewdney pasty will split opinion. Crap quality filling bur good for some strange reason. They have vans on approaches to ground but sell out early.
  15. So would I. Think I've told story about taxis before. Bloke cornered market setting up a driving school in Poland and brought over 100odd drivers. Come Brexit 100 Prius were dumped at Brizzle Airport. Most of the local drivers didn't want to go back to it having got Amazon style steady income. It has improved from last year with few more about. There is a black cab rank right outside the Premier Central which should be alright during the day / evening. Put Tower Cabs App on your phone if can deal in 4 seaters. Plymouth Taxis 01752 606060 deal in black Cabs and have a few 8 seaters but in hour before or after the game you'll need to get booked early.
  16. Union St used to be west side of the Wetherspoons. Only thing left is Jesters if you want to score some crack. Unfortunately most places that end of turn are now chain popworld etc
  17. Should have said, the Saturday night will be relatively quiet as August Bank Holiday Sunday all dyer on Barbican and Hoe is Janner religion
  18. That's afore mentioned Eastern Eye or Mombay Brasserie is by hotel and opposite Thistle Park Tavern
  19. Blimey, try and narrow down a bit but as 50 something my advice would be. Saturday lunchtime I'd have few on Barbican. The Dolphin and Queens Arms and Maritime (can stand looking at harbour) are only ones left not gone grockel trap. Go to Cap'n Jasper's and get gurt big burger or breakfast roll . From where your hotel is your not far from East End Cafe which caters for dockers if want early big feed. After if want to break up journey back after game head towards Mutley where Hyde Park and Fortescue and Junction worth a stop. You're then onto student land before back to Barbican. There's a cracking Thai street food place Suphas near the hotel or Miller & carter steakhouse. There are a few Greek owned restaurants around Plymouth guaranteed a good feed. Village on Barbican does fish,steak and Greek on charcoal pit. Book before. Mezze Grill is relaxed decent food. Thai House is decent . Curry houses in centre will disappoint compared to NW but Eastern Eye will feed you pissed up with garish coloured dishes.
  20. Hopefully you’re in one at Cattedown opposite Barbican rather than Marsh Mills. if you’re late down Friday and aren’t venturing onto Barbican the Thistle Park Tavern on cross roads by hotel has decent range of beers and ciders and usually live music. Annabelles around Sutton Harbour would be your bet for late drinks and dancing with dirty slappers of a certain vintage.
  21. Our 21 is scary given we’d not been in top or bottom league until 95/6
  22. Got mates in Brighton and it’s a pig of a run, whichever way you try.
  23. August Bank Holiday in Devon. Everything else is a bonus😀
  24. We’ve just signed Matt Butcher from Acc Stanley. Newspaper reports suggested you were interested. He’s originally from Hampshire so choice could be family driven or link to you could be BS
  25. 2 yoofs under 16 been charged. They're going to be popular
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