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  1. It’s a good 3 hour drive
  2. I would give Morley and Dapo a run out- they tore them apart last time we played them.
  3. Yep we won 1-0 and Peter Thompson took the piss all the game lost the cup replay 2-0 after a battling 3-3 at Southampton
  4. Grealish always looking for free kicks
  5. He is a Bolton fan so should be applauded for what ever he does
  6. It’s right to cancel the game; the rail companies who won’t reimburse are the ones that are wrong. The game will be played but our Queen will never return. We all should mourn for that wonderful lady who has sadly passed
  7. That’s my view but let’s see how it pans out biggest concern is Santos because he has already cost us 4-5 points
  8. Thomason a real shock plus sticking with Baka puzzles me. Let’s hope he is right. Bench is the strongest I have seen
  9. Keeper is awful - need another back up
  10. Lee should be first on the team sheet. Sorry but your talking shite. Santos and Baka need dropping between them we have lost about 4 points in the last three games. Bricks on their backs and up and down Rivvy until they are fit again to start
  11. Who said get rid? That was you being the prick. Santos needs resting and Our forwards aren’t cutting it since the bright start. Be good to get a CH with experience and someone who hits the target but we don’t have the money
  12. You never stop being a prick
  13. Fuck off sorry for the ones who went promotion? Not with this lot
  14. 20 goals - be lucky to get 3 with him
  15. Why is he not making changes?
  16. Sub him - atrocious defending
  17. We need 2 good central defenders
  18. Santos is not good enough
  19. Shit - well on top then gift them a goal
  20. Even the part timer is in plus MK the following Tuesday
  21. Don’t agree; we were piss poor second half. Reasonable performance first half but we will struggle to finish in a play off place unless we strengthen
  22. Foul on Aimson for their goal by Mings
  23. Another shit ref; guy who hit Lee has done three bad tackles as bad as the Johnston booking
  24. Lee MOTM so far be a million miles
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