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  1. Most definitely, but goodness only knows what he must be thinking of what's going on the pitch right now!
  2. Yes I could possibly do that. Ill have a think
  3. Thank you so much for all your kind words. I can't bring myself to close Frankie's account on here, not yet anyway. x
  4. frankietheman hung up his boots for the last time on 26th of November after a long and often difficult illness. He spent many a happy hour on this site and it provided him with a great deal of banter, useful information and many laughs. RIP H xxx
  5. Aye that stuff at night and cod liver oil in't morning. Both courtesy of the welfare state.
  6. Oops. The above should be on the other thread. I used to go to all the games in the capital between 1967 and 1970 when I worked in Surrey. I remember that The valley always seemed a ground we got a result from. I remember a particular game against Watford in August 1969 when they played us off the park, Hopkinson retired that season and played out of his skin that match to keep the score at 0-0. best display of goalkeeping I have ever seen.
  7. Feb 20 1965 5th round FA cup match V Liverpool, lost 1-0. Over 57,000 on Burnden that day, fantastic atmosphere.
  8. Had it done a few years back but found it made little difference particularly in one room that has 3 outside walls, no damp problem but certainly no warmer. A couple of years back had that room decorated and lined with Wallrock thermal liner which I found made a hell of a difference. Walls now warmer to touch and less heating required to get up to a reasonable temperature. Downside is that it is expensive and not the easiest to hang.
  9. At the father in law's funeral 3 years ago I was talking to the wife's cousin who was on the under 18's coaching staff until around that time. He told me that Freedman had a strategy but no one else could fathom it out but in his opinion Coyle was nothing but a con man - full of bullshit but totally clueless.
  10. Back in the day did a couple of Guardian Ad Litem applications for prospective adopters on behalf of the LA. Nice to have a positive outcome and see a family genuinely thrilled at bringing up a fostered child as one of their own. FWIW I think that foster carers are latter day saints that deserve every credit that is awarded them. 30 years on I still harbour fond memories of a Scottish family who would take on kids at the drop of a hat, no matter how disturbed and difficult they were, doing everything they could to see that those kid(s) had the best they could offer for the duration. Brings a
  11. Hummus haloumi liquourice tripe chicken and particularly turkey breast - dry tasteless shite
  12. Check the drain hole at the back isn't blocked.
  13. You begin to suspect that this latest request from them is a means to have the kid in an environment where they can exercise greater control, ie delay the switch off for longer. whatever the outcome those parents are going to need one hell of a lot of counselling for some considerable length of time. I don't envy the judge either.
  14. Can remember vividly playing on the old Hacken Lane site in my early years at secondary school. It was adjacent to a sewage farm with white scud blowing onto pitch on windy days. that and games teacher inspecting all boots after the game - anyone with protruding nails from studs got a whacking. I soon changed mine for the nail in rubber variety. Happy days!
  15. I'm not convinced about the gifts theory. Saturday night she brought in 3 live mice in during the course of the night. After killing the third one I gave her the verbals at which she picked up the mouse and shot off out through the cat flap. Sulked at me for a couple of days but has not brought anything in since. one of us will win this battle and it probably won't be me!
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