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  1. I think that’s the frustration for me. I’ve never been anywhere near thinking Evatt should go and I’m happy to give him this season and beyond. However I hope we don’t rue some of the early selection decisions. There were some obvious wrong selections early on such, as Comley instead of Tutte and Crellin instead of Gilks, that everybody could see apart from the manager.
  2. Shite from Crellin, and Comley clearly not good enough for the role he’s being asked to play by Evatt.
  3. Exactly! There clearly is a plan.... whether he have the players to execute it long term we’re still finding out. The majority of performances have left a lot be desired, but no plan!? 🤣
  4. That offside decision looks worse every time I see it
  5. That’s my recollection. Pretty sure one of the fanzines had a picture of Fairclough catching a Wolves player flush in the nose
  6. He’s definitely got it in for Comley... he was shite though tbf
  7. He was a better finisher than I remember as well
  8. What were they singing last time we played them??? ”Bolton owe millions, We owe nothing at all” 🤭
  9. Equally, some absolutely delusion on their part by some of them, describing it as a “sideways move” and throwing out ill informed shite about FV etc.
  10. There are enough things to have a pop at Hill about without making stuff up.
  11. Pretty sure I knocked your beer over on the grass embankment at Newlands
  12. I don’t think we sat back... just think a few of the players, especially the front 3, were absolutely bollocksed, hence the ball coming back a lot.
  13. Hill’s post match interviews in that style are something we’ll be getting used to.
  14. Maybe it’s just as simple as Hill doesn’t fancy him?
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