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  1. Very well played, officials dog wank
  2. Don’t know about rumours or spats, but it was very obvious that him and Sheehan couldn’t play in the same team. We were being bullied and overrun in midfield. That could be a reason why he left too. Lee playing gives us more solidity and a better press.
  3. He does look a cut above that league. We are only a division higher. Looks strong, fit and skillful. No brainer to recall.
  4. Brockbank wasn't the reason why we lost yesterday, he shouldn't get the blame, he's okay nothing special. Finds a white shirt more than most, don't think Jones would have made much more difference, he had no support and it was exploited. They found space all over the field particular in the space between MJ and our center halves, where Wyke won a lot of headers for their runners. Two game changing moments before half time Sheehan's chance and Sarc's interception and his pass behind Dapo instead of in his stride. We then go in level. Having said that they were much better on the day, but a more high profile referee would have judged the game differently. No wonder our manager gets booked, the treatment of Dapo for example was awful.
  5. Strange team selection, Bako doesn’t even look like an Evatt player, Sheehan a bit light weight needs a battler next to him. This is not sour grapes but they got away with lot of professional fouls, pulls and pushes. Referees in this league are out of their depth in these games. A very bad day but we will be okay couple of good signings I January could see us in the play offs.
  6. Good cross by young Brockbank
  7. The theatre of wet dreams
  8. Sarc is not playing as a midfielder nor an out and out number 10, but somewhere in between, he is doing a lot of closing down and when he gets the ball trying to be creative. He is giving a lot to the team at the expense of a more expansive role more suitable to his style of play. People may agree or disagree with this but one thing I am sure of that this is a team to be proud of and our style of play and all round commitment to the cause is superb.
  9. To be honest don't think we have played that bad
  10. We can’t go back to gorilla chants and chucking bananas on the pitch, it was vile and completely unacceptable. I have no particular opinions on taking the knee. But ultimately it may focus the minds of spectators that the blokes playing for either team are actually human beings irrespective of anything else.
  11. Looked up his stats when he left us, he didn’t do too badly, scored a few goals at various clubs
  12. Never understood the Crawford love in, his wonder passes come off once in every blue moon. Gives the ball away far too often, that is why he doesn’t suite Evatts style of play.
  13. He’s definitely fitter than this time last year, he has dropped some timber. As stated the whole team has stepped up a few notches both in organisation and fitness.
  14. love the togetherness and spirit of this team
  15. nantwichwhite


    One of my favourite all time games, great atmosphere and we murdered them. Whatmore was brilliant that night ran his bollocks off.
  16. This Crellin thing, he was abysmal, Gilks recommended him but Tobias left us with no alternative, no squad places left and out of the transfer window. His final games were an embarrassment and I did feel sorry for him, I doubt he will recover from it. Gilks wasn't fit enough to play and they took a few weeks to get him into some shape. Did our manager have any other option but to stick with him?
  17. On the basis of the signings since January it looks like we are investing and spending, eighteenth months ago I could have never imagined this. It is like a breath of fresh air. I wonder why this changed in January after some of the cheap signings Phoenix made. This is an observation not a complaint by the way.
  18. He looks well chuffed Paddy mark 2
  19. Sixty this year and seen a few promotions but have never seen a group of players enjoy it so much. Very chuffed for young Harry Brockbank
  20. That really made me chuckle
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