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  1. What trick is that? Presumably using the term gammon? I could justifiably use far more offensive terms in plenty of cases, but opt for the least offensive, because I'm nice like that. 😘 Anyway, Colin Kipperdick? How old are you?? Lolz.
  2. DazBob

    FV and IE

    Never ceases to amuse me how they refer to us as being based in Horwich as some kind of insult.
  3. ...despite the players repeatedly pointing out why they are doing it. You keep sticking your fingers in your ears if that makes you feel better about it. One thing we agree on is very few have changed their stance on it, probably because there is only one way anyone's mind should be changed on this matter ... and gammons being gammons, well, they're usually quite stubborn.
  4. Southgate now saying when picking players to take penalties in a shootout he's taking into account if they'll be racially abused if they miss. Now that really is a depressing state of affairs. ... and what makes it even more depressing is we've seen it to be the case where the black players who missed against Italy did receive such abuse.
  5. It's an absolutely pointless conversation/debate, but the kind you might have in a pub when you've nothing else to talk about. There's no definitive answer and it's all about your own personal opinion. Who really cares though?
  6. amazing Anyway, I don't think I'm alone in thinking we all want the best man for the job, regardless of whether he's a strict disciplinarian, a man's man or a soft arse type. The stats back up that Southgate has been the best England manager since Sir Alf Ramsey.
  7. Just for the record. You're a nice bloke and I don't for one second think you're racist. ... but for a game to be played behind close doors due to consistent racism and then those that actually are allowed to go in and watch the game then boo an anti-racism gesture ... well, you've got to admit that doesn't really come across well does it?
  8. The fact that 30,000 kids were there was due to Hungarian fans being racist. Those kids booed the England players taking the knee - something the players and manager have said they are doing as a stand against racism. You applaud those kids, not for being racist but for seeing things from a different perspective. That's pretty much all I've said. Please point out where I've misinterpreted something.
  9. Those kids aren't racist. Their parents are though because that's why it was the kids who were there booing the knee instead. No, those kids aren't racist, they just see things from a different perspective and were voicing their opinion. Obviously a different opinion than that of their racist parents.
  10. One of the most depressing posts I've ever seen on here.
  11. Parrot is a striker isn't he? Crikey, if he comes in then what a choice that'd give Evatt. Charles, Bodvarsson, Baka and Parrot.
  12. He's good, but he's no Diddles.
  13. DazBob


    Maybe it's missing a couple of commas, but I'll let that slide.
  14. DazBob


    To be fair, it's dying, not dieing.
  15. Don't encourage him. This could just be the tip of the iceberg.
  16. DazBob


    Oh, give it time... 😀
  17. DazBob


    Surprised the gammons haven't been out in force moaning about women and blacks...
  18. There is no Nando's at Middlebrook.
  19. DazBob

    Jake Daniels

    Peter Shirtlifter.
  20. DazBob

    Jake Daniels

    Whether there are 10 or 1,000 it's a shame they (apart from this lad) all feel they have to keep it a secret.
  21. DazBob

    Jake Daniels

    No doubt some sad fuckers will still think it's funny to sing songs to him/about him.
  22. More boring than the politics thread this.
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