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  1. Bristol Rovers currently losing 0-2 to BWFC.
  2. Money for their ticket or full travel costs too?
  3. DazBob


    I believe he too has a huge following. Yoof tells me Thogdog is a thing too.
  4. Quite. What I do find baffling though is when Ramsey is mentioned in the same sentence so often.
  5. Some massive overreactions on here. You'd think we'd just lost 5-0.
  6. The Dutch look very ordinary.
  7. Far more contact than there was on Ronaldo yesterday.
  8. DazBob


    You're puddled if you think he's ever been a cult hero on here.
  9. Nah, that's not Casino. We all know who that'll be ...
  10. Talking about him gets him more clicks. That's how advertising works. This is being proven right here.
  11. I'm now more out than I was before, and I was very out then.
  12. It'll get people talking about him (as you've proven).
  13. Redcliffe doesn't even mean it. It's just a game he likes to play.
  14. I can't understand why anyone would go to this game who didn't go to the Barrow game.
  15. Only turned 33 a couple of months ago.
  16. German players and their managers been concentrating too much on standing up for the gays.
  17. FIFA deserve all the shit that's coming their way. They fully deserve it. The only unedifying thing is that the World Cup being played there.
  18. Even by your standards your stretching for a bit of whataboutery here. Movember is done to bring awareness to men's health issues ... which has got absolutely fuck all to do with being happy for two young lads who received a shit load of racial abuse for having the temerity to miss a penalty in a shoot out (even though they should've been applauded for having the balls to step up in the first place). Saka, in particular, is on his way to becoming an absolute superstar ... but we all know he's only ever one mistake away from being racially abused online. Anyway, with Kane looking a doubt for Friday, hopefully another darkie can fill his boots and bag a couple. It'd be nice to get another win and effectively turn the final game against Wales into a dead rubber for us and allow a bit of player rotation.
  19. Trophy = Sherpa Van Cup = Rumbelows
  20. Don't think U21s play any at home.
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