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  1. My Mrs is in Lanzarote for a week with her mum and its at typical mid-July temperatures at the moment @ 28 degrees C
  2. i'm just pointing out that there are numpties on both sides of the debate, Janice included
  3. And certainly cleverer than those interviewed on the BBC on Friday at the Brexit parties. It's going to be an interesting few months
  4. That's fine by me๐Ÿ‘ It's all about opinions mate. We are all entitled to them and it's what makes the world go round
  5. i agree but there are rules that their members abide by and we won't be so that is a huge issue that needs resolving in the next 11 months
  6. of course not but in Spider's case those customers he has lost have chosen to switch their business to other companies based inside the EU for continuity
  7. yet we keep being told its a corrupt failing entity, all i am pointing out is that its important to a lot of UK companies that we get a deal that works both ways
  8. where have i said its not reciprocal? The EU will have more options to switch their focus though
  9. I haven't said we won't be but those two stats are just highlighting that the EU is our most important trading partner and it's in our interest to ensure we get a trade deal that protects those jobs/exports
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