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  1. Great victory... There's hope that we could get out of this 🙏
  2. That used to be the the Holts' family home. Manchester for me then an uber to the ground
  3. Just managed to get a WiFi signal at JFK and found out we've been saved... Going to be a joyous holiday now😂
  4. Eddie will be turning in his grave.
  5. I was quoting the BBC when they said that they had a deal on the table at that time and we didn't
  6. i genuinely feel sick right now. Seeing Bury FC go (or likely to go) just shows how quickly things can go wrong in less than a few hours after being the better bet of our two clubs to survive this morning. We are on the brink
  7. Lancs win by an innings and 150 runs to go 43 points clear at the top. 🏏
  8. Out for 266 in 240 balls.. 544/9
  9. vilas 200 not out now..get 250 in front and this could over tomorrow
  10. Vilas having a stormer currently 134no (334/5) with more to come no doubt. Glamorgan currently 2nd in the table so a great chance to put some real daylight between us in the table👍
  11. A fantastic result, proud to be a Wanderer🤩
  12. squeaky bum time whichever way they do it
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