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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. It's all about opinions mate, I'm fine with everyone until they do me wrong
  2. Thank you, look forward to further jousting...
  3. Some fuckers really need a good shoeing! Knight ain't my cup of tea but can't for the life of me see how that helps him, the team or even the half wits who are singing it
  4. Presume you mean seabiscuit & not Dougie then?
  5. We would be if we could play Leeds every week! Would hope for a run at promotion next season but think it may take till the one after
  6. Understand perfectly... maybe you don't understand "wanderers"ways?. ..but to be honest mate I just wanted to see if I could get a bite from a master fisherman. Have grudgingly admired your work from afar
  7. Upwards & onwards, we want 5!!! .....They all laugh at us, they all mock at us, they all say our days are numbered
  8. So small time that you come on here to spout your views about Everton? For what it's worth I rate Jackson's still rate Cahill as better tho. Must go on your lots forum & bore them with my opinions on Bolton players
  9. Not good enough for the "winners" COYW.....Oh & though I usually avoid personal abuse......Smithills you are a 1st class cock!!
  10. I like Ross Barkley cos he's the next Jack Rodwell
  11. Wi-fi?.... in a place where they don't even have electrickery?
  12. Fergus said Henderson's running style might cause him problems..... Chase me!!!
  13. Would be better if they televised the after match entertainment!
  14. As for the game, got a soft spot for the Dale as the chairman would seem to be a long long lost relative of mine!
  15. Tried to pm you Can, just wondering what the going rate is for subscriptions?
  16. To be fair to Fartside, Coyle had earned a bit of leeway from his earliest days here.... He was a failure from virtually day one for the Pie eaters & his appointment was hated by the fans as much as Megson was for us
  17. Never one to miss a chance Capt?.... If you were a mod we could just have one big Dougie out thread & be done with it....& I'm not Freedmans biggest fan!
  18. Agree 100% Cheese & fair play to Dougie too...I've criticised him in the past when I thought it was merited but I applaud his support for the lad & him having the nous to realise Stu can be a big part of our future even if he never kicks another ball for us.
  19. Keeping trying Pabbers, May I suggest a change of bait? In truth we all know he's no Joleon Lescott
  20. Probably not...really not worth all the attention he's had when all's said & done
  21. Now come on Jay, even I have to admit to a stifled snigger on that one! , point I'm trying to make is its par for the course & not worth mounting a hate campaign over. We've given them shot about munich for years
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