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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. You missed the Leicester 2-2 game then?
  2. They'll hoof it long to no one in particular... Report complete.
  3. I could offer you a fiver for your car or house...
  4. 1st division was mentioned that's why I threw Chidozie in.
  5. Don't remember John Chidozie being particularly big...
  6. Facts tut tut tut... You should know better by now 😊
  7. Adolf & Lord Lucan have had a clear up.
  8. A council estate on the moon.... Nice 😊
  9. Fuck mop what next?? People posting random bollocks about astronauts? 😉
  10. Ask Gonz our mod in waiting... More chance of Prince Charles being coronated 😁
  11. Why am I getting visions of the self righteous brothers? 😊.... Oi Aldrin no!
  12. Why do you think that the room was empty in the first place? 😊
  13. That was the figure needed to cover paying off creditors & to keep us going for the 2yrs?
  14. Enough to cover the next 2 seasons wasn't it?
  15. Surely to fuck that's a banning offence?
  16. Aye, they left in their droves when we signed Andy Walker 🤔
  17. Doubt that had any relevance to the case...
  18. Oztumer to be on the bench for both 11s?😊
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