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  1. Good job you only asked for one then 😁
  2. Nearer to 9 hrs mate.... Think its about 540 minutes in open play.
  3. I think we seriously overrate our players. We do have some very good ones technically but I do think they come up short at the very highest level..... That said they are also hampered by poor management. Whilst Southgate is to be given credit for changing the culture amongst England players his inability to compete tactically against his peers & to set up a team to play positively against anything other than poor opposition added to increasingly bizarre selections makes me think we will struggle to get out of a relatively easy group in Qatar.
  4. And Lee will play plenty of minutes.... That will be in black & white at the end of the season.
  5. Aye as we know paying more than we can afford is a foolproof method of success.
  6. It isn't about money, it's about being more clinical at both ends of the pitch.... Wednesday were no better than us until Santos fucked up & overall we were better than Plymouth but one piece of sloppy defending cost us & we don't create enough up front. We are pretty but pretty powderpuff.
  7. Not saying who is better or worse but if either gets better without playing then it is Sheehan, that said I hope Sheehan lives up to expectations.
  8. I had very high hopes for Sheehan but he did little to impress before his injury & it remains to be seen how he recovers.... If I had to put money on it right now I'd say Sadlier is the safer bet to make his mark.
  9. Course he fucking will.... You think he's going to congratulate him?
  10. But you would expect the player who made the mistake to be busting a gut to get back..... He was virtually walking.
  11. Adding to the shite backpass, Santos stood absolutely still until Trafford hooked it out & then ambled back, no urgency...... Evatt will rip him a new one at half time.
  12. Some fantastic performances with 10 men in that heat. I'm glad we didn't get Fossey, he's not a patch on Bradley who was immense at taking the game back to them today. Trafford's save was superb and enjoyed his Pickford-esque shithousing.
  13. Put the ale away now mate 😁, Ricketts was as good a finisher as I've ever seen in a Bolton shirt.
  14. They might want to recall him soon haha.
  15. Heavy scorer but poor directional control.
  16. Phil Neville is one of England's greatest.
  17. Ashley Cole, Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard, Scholes all had a mention on here & between them they managed to get to one less World Cup semi final than Gazza.
  18. Foden is brilliant & for me the nearest of Gazzas type that we have.... but he's not as good as peak Gazza just yet.
  19. For Italia 90 alone its Gazza, for all his talent Rooney never took a tournament by the throat & made the country dream like Gazza did.
  20. We've looked comfortable without looking like scoring but seem all at sea at the back whenever they get near our box. Whoever imposes their will in this half will win.
  21. All joking apart, the bloke obviously has mental health issues & it doesn't help when shows like this feed his delusions.
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