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  1. He'd probably had a bet on himself to score at the world cup 😊
  2. Certainly doesn't smell like a Laydee 😁
  3. Steve Mclaren likes this.... 😊
  4. Sell to buy.... All have their price but I'd hope to keep Toal, Santos, Johnstone, Dempsey, Morley & Lee ( Bradley for another year if possible 8)..... be happy to trade any of the others for fresh blood.
  5. A cup final & play offs or thereabouts is a decent season..... We need more leaders & experienced heads to get us out of this league next season.
  6. Thoughts were we had 2 up top & getting nothing to them or from them & Ipswich were piling though a gaping hole in the middle of the park everytime we played a sloppy pass.
  7. It's been sloppy & aimless all afternoon unfortunately, all the hallmarks of a team lacking confidence. Personally I'd hook Shoretire & Vic & get Lee & Thomason on.
  8. Apparently Everton have come out in support of Gary Lineker by announcing they won't be appearing on MOTD next season 😂😂
  9. No idea, not watched it but it's put Everton even deeper in the shit 😁
  10. You're talking through your Gary Glitter there....
  11. Bolton making it easy for themselves??? You're either pissed or a jcl 🤣🤣
  12. It's all on his podcast.... No tippy tappy football.
  13. Branagan with a fantastic double save that night.
  14. Just don't wear a white hoodie 😁
  15. Judge not that ye not be judged Ron
  16. We had just won a place in a Wembley final, we rested a few players accordingly.... for those reasons we weren't at our best but we got 3 points. I won't bother checking but I'd guess the people moaning about today are the same ones moaning when we've played well, not took our chances & lost. Good teams grind out results, we are getting better at that. I personally don't think pound for pound we are in the top 3 or 4 teams in this league but we might just finish in the top 3 or 4 through doggedness & team spirit..... and hopefully top 2.
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