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  1. What would really send a message out is if the national team boycotted Qatar...... Chances???
  2. Would I be right in saying they are no longer in the football league?
  3. Can we have a clue please..... 😁
  4. Bassini is more like Kenny senior.
  5. Would be piss funny if Little Whitt did 😁
  6. I'm scratching my head as to why they would...
  7. I'd like to link him with a 4 iron.
  8. I'd say the level is higher against the top teams in the Champions league personally.
  9. Many apologies Mr Tangerine man 😊
  10. Mount plays in the Champions league so he's hardly short of experience against top players.
  11. Luke Shaw.... I'd have said Maguire but he'd have to spend more to get laid.
  12. Kinell Gonzo lad, I've heard you called some things but that's a first! Vile druggy authoritarian thug 😁
  13. Mount is a good player having a thin patch for his country.... My point is having played 64 games for Chelsea & Southgate knowing his capabilities why not try an unknown in there? Bowen has looked very good in his cameos so far & Gallagher needs a chance.
  14. But why continue to play Mount? He knows what he brings to the party. Try Bowen, Gallagher, Grealish or Saka in that position to see what they offer..... Or is that a bit too radical?
  15. Shameful? 😂😂😂, must be a quote from the Echo.
  16. Had a decent run of easy ones & got to 16.... Rush v Heskey ffs 🤣
  17. It's Plymouth, they'll be relatives 😁
  18. They're not mocking now!!!.... Feel sorry for the majority of their fans but those cnuts who took the piss can get to fuck.
  19. I think Southgate feels Grealish is most effective when defenders are tiring which is fair enough. Though both Saka & Sterling were gash last night but do have the pace to tire defenders. Foden is a must start for me but he will stick with Rice, Phillips & Mount if fit.
  20. But can they tell their left from their right?
  21. Police are looking for someone who can't read or write.
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