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  1. Not the best game but we was pretty comfortable overall .
  2. Another 3 points all that matters
  3. What an idiot he’s a shit pundit anyway I turn off if I hear him. Hopefully they will fire him !
  4. Yeah you are probably right think IE likes to change it for whoever we play can see Morley and Dempsey back in for the next game. Do have concerns our strikers are not scoring but good to see other players scoring for us.
  5. Lee was immense yesterday don’t understand how anybody can criticise him. Young Thompson had an excellent game as well , Dion must be a nightmare for defenders only change for me now would be Bod for Bako once he’s fit.
  6. Hopefully no changes next week settled team needed now.
  7. How many times do we concede first
  8. Always making changes what happened to a settled team .
  9. I doubt much activity for us today just hope we sign a defensive midfielder but doubt IE sees that as a necessity.
  10. I don’t understand that signing we don’t need 3 LWB unless John is injured or leaving. We need a defensive midfielder unless Iredale is the back up as he as played that position a few times in his career.
  11. If he moves him out wide he would need to change the system he is not going to do that .
  12. He’s a bit too lightweight for me like most of our midfielders .
  13. Personally I would be surprised if we sign anybody before the transfer window ends but you never know for me if we could find some money I would get Stockton !
  14. IE as stated he his happy with his squad and as far as I am aware we have no money to spend so he needs to get rid of players before he can recruit is my understanding .
  15. Wouldn’t have it any other way .
  16. The problem is I have been supporting us for 54 years and every season I expect us to win everything then reality comes in to play !
  17. Agree Agree Agree stop tinkering .
  18. As for centre backs we missed a trick in not signing the guy from Sheffield Wednesday who got released .
  19. Don’t bite that’s what he wants !
  20. Reality check for me I thought we would breeze this league but how wrong am I For me IE changes the team too much we don’t have a settled side we miss Bod and Kachunga is awful ask any Huddersfield fan about him. Santos as been poor this season and should be dropped as for the transfer window we need a striker which surprises me as at the start of the season I thought we had enough forwards how wrong am I. Luckily enough it’s only a few games in so time to sort it out but it does need sorting and I agree with comments about us being weak we really are !
  21. He will get a hat trick !
  22. Sadlier left Rotherham because he did not want to play wing back and IE is using him as a back up wing back doubt he will be here come the January transfer window.
  23. I would like to see Sadlier as a number 10 think his game would suit it .
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