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  1. I am not convinced by Sheehan but prepared to give him a chance due to his injury hit seasons.
  2. Being reported it’s an English based consortium hope it’s Bassini.
  3. Very strange that they have sold something doesn’t sound right to me .
  4. Good luck to him hope it works out for him.
  5. So have the players not been paid and as the promised payment not materialised !
  6. Never knew him but awful sad news my thoughts are with us family .
  7. After all the shit they gave us and the gloating jelly and ice cream etc this is karma at the highest order and still the knobheads I work with think somebody will come along and save them deluded pricks one and all .
  8. Yeah I read that somewhere as well .
  9. Think we was linked with him after the January transfer window closed .
  10. I was of the understanding out of contract players had not been paid but if they have then so be it .
  11. Don’t think all the out of contract players got paid .
  12. Barnsley have Sheffield playing the game to suit there roughhouse tactics sooner Barnsley go up think next season Wednesday will struggle as some players will leave .
  13. What a shit turn out from Barnsley
  14. Every player will have a price !
  15. The Everton fans go on about school of science football which I think stems from the Harvey Kendall and Ball era think Pablo may correct me but Dyche won’t last long if he reverts to type like Burnley played whist he was in charge.
  16. In the words of Kevin Keegan I would love it !really love it !
  17. Yeah santos had him in his pocket both games he’s not for me I would prefer Stockton or May .
  18. Deluded Wigan fan at work it’s only -2 as we have to play us twice complete wanker .
  19. You could be right about that Peterboro usual cash in on goal scorers and I think they would want 1million plus .
  20. Bloody good chippy though
  21. Hasn’t May signed a new contract ?
  22. All about opinions but Dan nah not impressed .
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