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  1. My main concern is midfield it needs strengthening.
  2. Pass sideways don’t forget
  3. That link puzzles me as he was only 4th choice so don’t see it tbh .
  4. Yeah you are probably right regards the defence possibly another LWB as IE likes collecting them!
  5. He will need to sign some midfielders and at least another striker !
  6. That’s where I am at wanted him gone but now prepared to give him a chance but I suspect he won’t learn and that’s the issue we will soon find out when he signs any new players.
  7. Got to agree didn’t really rate him tbh .
  8. There’s our issue no experience even less now with Jerome and Bod leaving we need some experience in our team when needed and some bloody bottle not disappearing when the going gets tough !!
  9. Think Evan’s as made decent signings 2 experienced defenders from Portsmouth and Clarke Harris who at this level will get plenty of goals , don’t know a lot about the 2 midfielders buts he’s no mug Evan’s for me Rotherham will be challenging for promotion.
  10. Rotherham signed another player Powell midfielder from Burton .
  11. Tomorrow not that I am counting .
  12. We need 2 experienced midfielders who can tackle and take control as atm we have no leaders in this team!
  13. Every game is a tough game when you are trying to get promotion .
  14. Rooney in talks with Plymouth according to reports green genie maybe unhappy ?
  15. He was 1of my favourite players growing up could do with a few John Ritsons now.
  16. He makes loads of these rumours and hopes he gets 1 right I take was he says with a pinch of salt.
  17. Mounts will be happy Evatt told BEN deal for Maghoma impossible due to failing to get promotion.
  18. Don’t understand that he had started to turn things around .
  19. Rizlar

    Euro 24

    Don’t rate Grealish slows the play down too much and falls down alot!
  20. Club will make a statement soon let’s just be patient.
  21. Don’t understand why we would sign him Evatt as him as 4th choice LWB so really baffles me this link with signing him.
  22. Rizlar

    The Final

    Are we becoming the manure of the EFL ?
  23. All we can hope for if he stays he either changes the system or brings players with guts and determination to play his system I live in hope !
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