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  1. Got to be Forrester at LCB Iredale is shit !
  2. Excellent post you have summed it up completely.
  3. Ffs predictive text god!
  4. Drained and fatigued ffs not half way through the season yet and if Dions out for a while Dan and Vic up front grid help us?
  5. 4-3-3 never going to happen IE is fixated with our current system.
  6. Jerome is finished as for Dan yeah on the Hackney marshes on Sunday!
  7. Useless not seagull lol
  8. Correct Dan is bloody seagull and was last season so god knows why IE bought him and Jerome is past it as for Bod I thinks he’s fucked!
  9. I don’t have any issues with Vic and Dion at leat they are getting chances and they will come good my issue is our midfield is weak and IE as not sorted it .
  10. IE and Markams due diligence transfer management as turned to shit these last 2 widows! Our midfield is really poor and strikers ffs !!
  11. Piss poor just not good enough !
  12. Missed the game in Rhodes speaking to a couple of Barnsley fans they reckon we play the best football in this league and if we click we will piss this league . As for Barnsley they reckon play offs best chance for them .
  13. I hope I am wrong but I can see him playing in the national league in several years time just doesn’t look to me to be up to it.
  14. I am still in shock after spending money on Dan!
  15. Home game I am expecting us to win this .
  16. Guarenteed they will come straight at us as will all teams now IE needs to get this sorted we are too flakey.
  17. Spot on Traf was thinking this myself this morning Iredale is not a CD and neither is GJ even though he’s had some good games. Weneed another CD as IE will not change from 3 at the back and if Santos as done is ankle then he could be out for several weeks.
  18. Peterboro want a million for him we don’t have that kind of money.
  19. Go and have a word with yourself !
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