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  1. Spare Adult ticket going if anyone is after one.
  2. Yeah. On the A14 now.
  3. M1 closed between J15 and J14. A14 and M11 diversion.
  4. Me and the lad in for this. Staying over.
  5. Same here. Dragging the wife along!!
  6. Spare Under 22 ticket going if anybody wants it.
  7. 1 adult and 1 U18 ticket available for FCUM on Saturday. Any takers?
  8. I have a spare over 65 ticket and an under 17 ticket available for today’s game. With no junior prices available for pay on the day and adults a £2 increase, any one interested? Drop me a DM.
  9. Seems to be plenty cabs available from pubs in town. In one now.
  10. Will Adams is now open. Real Ales. On the Proper Job!
  11. Scruffy Duck is Really nice. beer shit though. Dark Mild at £2.25 a pint.
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