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  1. I may be wrong but I think Hill was Michael James choice..
  2. I’m on East Upper, front row..
  3. Just renewed but moved from NSL back row to ESU Front Row near halfway line. last time I was in Lofty stand upper was our first season at the Reebok. Should be a decent seat but hope I’ve not made a mistake in getting a better view for a possible lack of atmosphere..
  4. I keep filling up, didn’t realise how much of an effect the last few years of absolute misery had on me. It does feel as though we have taken a massive step on the long road back to respectability. 👏 I hope and pray we are in very safe hands now 🙏 in Shazza, MJ & Ian we trust!
  5. We have scored more than one goal 14 times out of 45 matches = 31% however, it’s only happened once in the last 8 games = 12.5% So, going with current form 1-0 it is then 👍
  6. I was in Mexico that year..
  7. That’s a beautiful photo, when did you take it?
  8. Hope he doesn’t wear a Kiltie while he’s playing..
  9. Bolton Wanderers and St Johnstone are both interested in Kilmarnock's 24-year-old Scottish forward Greg Kiltie. (Record)
  10. September 1988: Comes off the bench to make his debut for England at Wembley against Denmark. He turned 21 in May that year.
  11. I’m thinking a tough, tight match 1-1 and the nail biting to continue. We are after all Bolton Wanderers and apart from the record winning season, when have we ever made it easy for ourselves?
  12. Talking of.. did anyone see the mighty, John (I’m big boned me) Mcginlay on NWT?
  13. Ratchetman = Natasha
  14. Excellent post. That reminds me of many a ticking off I got at School. Sent shivers down my spine.. You’re not a former teacher by any chance are you Sir?
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