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  1. If we're doing a show of hands, then I would gladly throw a tenner a year in the pot, or twenty if that's what it was. Only reason I think I haven't thrown a penny in so far is cos I don't have PayPal and generally Internet illiterate. I may have only been posting for a year or so but lurked for ages. As others have said, felt strange last week not reading your lots tripe, tits and arguments 😁
  2. Effortlessly sexy eh. If only the inflated lipped, false toothed, try too hard women of today would take inspiration from places other than reality TV, twatter types... the world would be a better place. While I'm at it, I dont have one but teach your daughters that brains and good conversation are far more of a turn on than a big rack and a fake tan. 🙄 Yes I'm drunk, but for once I'm pretty sure this is a statement I'll stand by in the hungover morning 👍
  3. Bumped into a lad today that I went to school with, not seen for years but was always a Bolton fan when we were young. Today he was asking if I'll be watching and hope "we" win. Pisses me right off that shit, how do you change club?? Cant get my head round it.
  4. Late to the thread so sorry if it's been mentioned but you know it's on YouTube for free dont you??
  5. Don't know if it's a Lancashire one or not but my grandma used to say "they'll take you away int yellow van", meaning your being crazy.
  6. Kitchen disco still going strong. A good example of Manure Mick picking a great tune then beating it into submission.
  7. Off Church road. Smithills to those in denial, Halliwell to them that are happy with their lot. 😁 Why?
  8. Yeah we've started the weekend a day early and had a few, be gone with your judgement. Me and Mrs boogs have been dancing round the kitchen to this, amongst others. I challenge you to put up a better feel good tune. 🍻
  9. Oh don't worry, at the end of telling me the tale ma mums last comment was "so that'll be the last time we see her" 😁
  10. Like them facts will stop them spewing their bullshit. My Mums uncle is 90 now so has a cleaner come round to help him. She went seeing him other day when cleaner was there. Girl in her 30s, inevitably got talking about covid and the vaccine, she told ma mum that she won't be having it like most of her friends, when asked why "cos I reckon it does have a chip in it that they will track you with". Dear lord, I thought that nonsense had died a death in the same way 5G conspiracies did this time last year. Fruit loops amongst us. It also didn't escape me that she goes in multiple hous
  11. Definitely a circuit where Saturday is more interesting than Sunday.
  12. Interesting finish to yesterday's qualifying. No way Leclerc did a "Schumacher" or a "Rosberg" though and did that on purpose like some are suggesting. Not heard yet whether it will cost him a gearbox change and penalty. Lewis clearly pissed off with his team as well, that doesn't happen very often recently. Let's hope for rain to make it a decent race rather than procession.
  13. Fill a pint pot with piss. It'll taste the same and make you feel just as shit 👍
  14. A few years back I got stopped after having 2 stella, back when it was 5.1% I think. I was a little nervous when blowing into the machine but was under the limit. Since then I've always thought I can have 2 as long as its 4% or under. Not saying I'm in the right doing that, but I think I'd be ok.
  15. Ventured over to the Hillary step last night to see a couple of mates I'd not seen since before the lockdown. Drove over so could only have a couple, went for ones from a local brewery, Pomona Island. Assume a few of you aficionados will know them. Anyway, only had 2 that were 4% and woke feeling like I've been on a fucking session.
  16. One of Mrs boogs mates had a daughter that is now a son. Was confused as fuck in teenage years and not easy to see for him or his mum. If you want/need to swap then fair enough I think but I can't get my head round this non binary stuff. Your one or t'other, cock or growler, cant change biological science, makes no sense to me.
  17. Agree it looks out of place but if they've been through the correct processes and got permissions then fair enough. Grundy fold mon can get to fuck, tear em down!!
  18. Oooff. Been there, that's always a bad hangover on that stuff. I couldn't even watch the game yesterday (real life issues getting in the way of fun 😭), never mind get on the piss, so this is where I get to feel smug this morning. Good luck lads! Pray for hungover whites xx
  19. Fantastic stuff. Nice one for the heads up again @Cheese 👍
  20. Superb song that. Only problem is whenever you listen to it you end up singing it for a bastard week, to the point you end up even annoying yourself.
  21. Depends if they're huge and in the bath!
  22. You wanna start practicing what you preach at work if it is!!
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