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  1. Even if he was is it a big deal? What has he contributed to BWFC's fantastic season this year? Answer = NOT A LOT
  2. Just been told 12:30 kick off. Anyone ealse heard this?
  3. If we could win all these three games or even get 7 points then we have a tremendous chance of a UEFA cup place. If we are pushing for europe then they are all games that we ought to win. Come on you Whites..... :D/
  4. Has it been confirmed yet? Is it on TV? Thanks.....................
  5. Europe will be a fantastic acheivement for the club but i would expect it to be treated like the FA Cup with a weakened team being played. Premier League survival will always be top of the agenda. It would be a great trip for the fans though.
  6. I know which is the more important to fans but is that what Sam thinks? Only 2 days apart he will definately ring the changes. Oldham for me anyday especially with recent league form picking up and us being safe from relegation. Sam may well disagree though.
  7. Will we sell the initial 3000? Or the full 4600?
  8. Whos knocking it? Just saying that 7 out of 8 are live. Somehow City on a Monday night just isnt the same is it?
  9. That means that BWFC are televised live 7 times out of 8 starting with Arsenal and finishing with Norwich. The only game not is Spurs Tues night game. Oh and thats not including Oldham game.
  10. Ciddy Monday 7th March 8Pm Norwich Saturday 19th March 5.15pm Dont you just love'em
  11. Just been confirmed that we will receive 3000 initially with a view to an additional 1600 if needed.
  12. It will be either Sat 12-45pm or Sun 1-45pm live on BBC with the Saints Pompey game being the other one. The Sat 5-30pm BBC game will be Utd Boro.
  13. It will definately be one of the BBC live games. Heres hoping for the 5:30 pm Saturday one and not either of the lunch time kick offs.
  14. If we fail to win either of the next two games i predict that we will finish the season in the bottom 5 with WBA Norwich Palace Southampton. The thing that really upsets me is that i really do not think we will win either. Two draws at best. A draw and a defeat at worst (Surely WBA will not beat us!!!) I really cannot see where the next win is coming from.
  15. Nobody bothering? Too far? No money with Xmas approaching? No Roll Call and its Friday!!!! There must be some reason.
  16. Could anyone help me. I am looking at bookinga hotel in Tenerife next year. Does anyone know any good websites? Thank You.
  17. I bought a slimline PS2 a while ago from Tesco for the kids. Am i right in assuming that it will not play "copy" games as i am waiting for some of my work colleagues to return from China with a bucket load which cost less than ??1 each. Can someone let me know. Thanks You.
  18. What a shame. Didnt know him personally but saw him only last Sunday at Boro outside Dr Browns pub and have shared the same train as him on countless occasions watching the Whites. My thoughts and prayers go to all the Family. RIP.
  19. Still dont feel that the large majority of supporters appreciate the large strides that we have made over the last couple of years. There is now a strong argument to suggest that we are a stronger/better team than the likes of Spurs/Man City etc..If you consider the money they have spent and the fan base of these clubs then this is a remarkable achievement for a team like Bolton. What we must remember is to keep our feet on the ground and not become unrealistic in our expectations of the team. I see the pundits are now jumping on the bandwagon with a couple expecting us to beat Newcastle on sunday. If we do that will be 21 points from 11 games. If we carry on with this ratio we will obtain 72 points for the season. This is obviously unlikely but nevertheless still possible. The one thing that really does sadden me is that even if we do beat Newcastle then the support at Middlesbrough will be very very disappointing. The away support has some way to go to catch up with the teams resurgance. That may come in time though.
  20. Same as last year at Spurs then Was told after the game in Nov by a Spurs fan that no team had a smaller area allocated than we took up
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