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  1. Yes. Brazil went on the sick when the news of the arrest was announced and hasn’t been back on since!
  2. I remember him for us getting Frandsen and Johansson as replacements
  3. Stuffy - give it a rest man. There is few people more BWFC than MK. That’s from someone who only knows him loosely through games attended
  4. How would another bid resolve the issue between EDT & Anderson? Its not that FV dont want to complete or that their bid hasn't been accepted. Surely a 2nd bid would hit the same problem, unless they want to pay an extra £7.5m
  5. I’m sure he will have a best seller at some point
  6. That Ramsden fella is the new idiot magnet for this site it seems
  7. 11/1 currently on Bet365 app. It would be rude not too
  8. Didn’t Connahs Quay just knock out the 3rd Best team in Scotland from the UEFA Cup? I’d fancy Accrington or Southend beating them though
  9. My mate was so addicted that when he was out and about in his car, he would have his laptop on the passenger seat so he could still play matches!
  10. Howard - What is your favorite way to kill an elephant?
  11. So Harvey who is about to leave his position in one month, and is a friend of Anderson is going to meet Bassini to decided if he is fit and proper later on tonight? They are meeting at 7pm and by the time Bassini leaves he will know if he has been passed? If the above is not an indictment of the whole fit of proper testing then I dont know what is!!
  12. Only Wanderers would get rid of a manager made for, and has a successful history of getting out of League one! There would be celebrating in the streets replacing him with Nolan/Lee Pot him on promotion!
  13. Controversial, but given his record in league one on a limited budget should we be looking to pot Parky?
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