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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. He was on Talksport 2 the other day and sounded a top guy to work for, not unlike how the Forest manager came across yesterday. Didn’t know who he was at first but the accent was bugging me, until few snippets gave it away. I hadn’t realised he was at Stoke as assistant manager but said he had never met Michael O’Neill before and how unusual it is in football to be given a job under those circumstances; into someone’s inner circle who who didn’t know in some capacity previously. But hearing him talk you could tell why people would want to employ him, absolutely sound.
  2. I get the stadium naming is worth a few quid, but as a nod to the past I've never understood why we have dull N,E,S & W stands when they could have copied Burnden in naming the sides of the ground.
  3. Bravo, was thinking all these things while reading the chain. Then you encapsulated it with this post!! The goal he scored at Ipswich I thought was class, just stroked it home. And I think with the movement of Charles rather than Doyle he may look more effective in that role as he does 'have' something. But playing in 4th div at his age is hardly a marker of some latent talent.
  4. https://www.thenationalstudent.com/Sport/2018-03-04/in_conversation_with_david_cross_part_2.html Mentions his time with us towards end of this article, and a misdiagnosed fractured skull!!
  5. I think he'd be worth keeping tbh, he can play our style, is quick, never really let anyone down; would we get anyone better happy being a squad player???
  6. As much as I fuckin despise them as a club and the fans; Richardson comes across very well, very level headed, and clearly done a good job.
  7. Imagine being an Everton fan now, horrible afternoon when your not playing! 🤣😛🤣
  8. Without raking over old ground, it was half a season too late.
  9. I have to watch a lot on IFollow and the Scottish guy is sound, is funny as he let's the other guy just drone on, never comments on his drivel, then just jumps straight back in with his commentary. Proper blanks him in the nicest way possible 🤣
  10. Surely it's Whitlow who is best comparison, played career at full back then converted to a centre half??
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