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  1. Ha, should have read all your Post!
  2. Oh you can fuck off, and what does any of that have to do with the mighty Irish electrician failing to do his job from yards out, again. Come back when he scores or creates. You cunt
  3. Promoted, the talent is in the team to do well and I'm not castigating him completely btw, only pointing out other managers seem a bit more agile in their team formations, nothing more. But IE will make mistakes so commenting on them doesn't mean I want him thrown on the bonfire! He is clearly learning and learning well in the main. Doyle however...🤣 I just don't get him or what he does and would love a proper alternative so we know one way or another. Unfortunately Kanchunga doesn't look like it will be him.
  4. Yeah true, just find it so frustrating, but you're probably right!!
  5. Their manager in his post match interview said that he changed it early on and sat deep not bothering pressing out centre halves. This is the same week Evatt has stated we struggle against that, and like teams to go toe to toe with us! Well sorry Ian if that's the case we better never concede first, as that is the 3rd game out of 4 a team has deployed those tactics and we've struggled against them all and taken 1 point. Do we have a Plan B or is Evatt too arrogant to bother??
  6. Don't wanna disappoint the Doyle lovers!. He has still not scored from open play in the league, 3 out of the last 4 league games the team have not scored, as a CF he is gash regardless of how much 'running' he does. He could have had us back in it on 25 mins with a simple chance, then had absolutely no anticipation for Sarc's cross, on his heels, should have been an easy tap in. Watch the highlights! I know there were a few other poor performance but we are going nowhere fast with him up front, and Kanchunga not looking too great either!
  7. Bit more than just the money will need to be considered though, we also need to show we are not hampering progression to entice the next Dapo using this operating model. As it happens I can't see him going anywhere if we're in with a chance of going up unless silly silly money offered. I imagine he is similar to Evatt in he probably thinks he can reach his shorter term ambitions with us.
  8. It looked liked they'd dropped him off when he played for us!!
  9. Haha, not that I know of!! I know I'm going against the grain but thought I'd do it after a good game rather than a bad one when the bloods boiling. I get he works hard and is well liked etc etc, but for me he just looks like a player from a different era given the players around him in that team now. I don't think he creates enough for others, he can't really play with his back to goal, and by his own admission doesn't like heading!! I just don't think he has enough 'presence' at the top of the pitch for his Tema mates to play off. The centre halves rarely seemed concerned by him, in fact have you ever seen him run at a defender one on one with any success? So I just think a more dynamic rounded striker would benefit the team more than what Doyle does, even if they maybe don't score as many. Does no one else think it odd that given the plethora of shots we have had this season, and goals, Doyle has yet to register from open play? He has 1 assist!. But just to quote Evatt as he explains it better than me “I think we need someone that gives us a different dimension to what Eoin gives us,” Evatt said. “And he gives us a lot, so it is a difficult position to find, especially number nines, there aren’t many around. “Obviously, we’re looking for someone who is a bit more physical, a bit quicker and who can stretch the back line and give us a plan B if we need it.” So obviously I am focussing on the negatives to make my point, and I know he has good virtues too, but to compare him to McGinlay or Walker is utter madness. Do any off his ex clubs rate him in the same way?? And if he was the Messiah for his performance at Ipswich, which I didn't really notice tbh, it seemed to be midfield and Dapo in the main, but will concede he gets the reflected glow from the team performance. If so, then he also needs to take responsibility for the previous two nil nils , he can't be blameless as the CF so can't have it both ways?? I think Bakayoko's injury hasn't helped as we would see a direct comparison of styles in the position when Evatt switches them. I definitely think his physicality through the middle may have made a difference at Cambridge for sure. And finally he isn't even that clinical in what he is meant to be good at, as others have commented on, he misses a lot. His penalties are mint though!! So if nothing else I increased the Post count on a Mon & Tues!! C'mon down Max, time for your obligatory childish comeback 🤣
  10. Why get so touchy and insulting, it's only an opinion, we are allowed them and it is a forum for opinions as far as I know?? Very rude person. Watched that Burton match live and he did absolutely nothing for 70 mins till he was taken off, a proper striker working the centre halves and we would have won that match easily. So slag me off as much as you want but not hearing much evidence of what he does do.
  11. I can, missing a one on one twice directly before this, then getting in an offside position!! 🤪
  12. But we hadn't scored the previous two?
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