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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Now why oh why would it be me? Im excited we won and morseo proved my point as soon as we fucked Doyle off results would pick up!! I wanted him gone so we could improve and voila! Did you notice Charles made that goal for himself, funny how Doyle never managed that, always everyone else's fault for not creating apparently. Yet according to you and others Doyle was 'fundamental' to how we play!? Well clearly not for me, or Evatt. Got that right didn't you all. Football knowledge at least matches your intelligence. Mug
  2. Awful decision, as was allowing scousers first goal, blatant offisde
  3. JimmyRiddle


    I think you spout a lot of shite at times, but just occasionally you are so on point it's scary! 👍
  4. That Doyle wasn't all that....bang average
  5. Was there a wanderers flag there? showed a guy talking to a steward/copper just in throws of taking it down so couldn't quite tell, just as the England were going through their final death rattle! Abysmal, but I got man crush on Mark Wood, even the Aussies like him. And on reflection Stokes should have had a bit more time off. Poor series
  6. Teams would be less inclined to kick him too if we had a Beevers or Wheater type getting double figures a season. (Think I may have nicked this of another poster who made similar statement at some point) So God knows why he lets the corners and free kick stuff just fester, when clearly a threat from them may potentially allow us to play more easily the intricate football he wants.
  7. That's all very well and admirable, and most would agree with the sentiment but we need to see progression. The same things we were bad at last year we are still bad at, with no signs of improvement and spin it how you want that is a worry.
  8. 'Do just enough' was how commentator described it, a great trait to have as opposed to whatever we 'do'?
  9. Might help if Santos could be arsed to mark him then eh!
  10. What a surprise a lump of a centre forward gets two goals and man of match against us!
  11. Well that one he was with Santos, all the play in front of him, he just ambled back into box and did fuck all except whinge at Aimson after the goal, awful defending by Santos and awful example for a captain
  12. Well that was just dire, significant changes needed!
  13. I have never understand why a selling club wants add-ons for a players future performance, i.e. goals scored/promotions etc. Why would you take the risk? Just ask for the value you want. I don't mean future sell on clauses, just to be clear, that's self explanatory
  14. Erm!? Ultimately the players are not good enough but clearly more is going on than that. Annoyingly I am not sure Australia are that good, but unless we put them under some pressure we'll never know.
  15. https://www.ecb.co.uk/news/2426821?utm_source=FBPAGE&utm_medium=England+Cricket&utm_content=100002784875527%2B&utm_campaign=Men's+Ashes+2021%2F22 4 changes! Wasn't expecting that.
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