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  1. Well done Jones, kids on the bench, short of defenders and stupid tackle like that. Fucking Amateurs
  2. Totally agree, I try and watch it and just fucks me off. Just a whistle and a ref with his hand up! Utter pish
  3. I think he would though as Red is for denying goalscoring opportunity, which wouldn't have been the case if we'd subsequently scored.
  4. What has he done that's any different tho having an Only Fans account?? Slightly flippant from me not having been that close to it do happy to be corrected, but if the Police are not interested why should your employer??
  5. I never rated Iredale as a LWB so hopefully he will have to play as LCB now.
  6. Yorkshiremen playing really well this match, 🙄
  7. The top team in the play-offs could win the right choose their opponent for the semi's, based on current form rather than points??
  8. Bravo sir, bravo. Nail on head 👏
  9. I agree about the enforcer bit. However In terms of the 'way we play' I'd prefer a manager who can adapt the to the players he has got at his disposal. (Not saying I want rid of Evatt before the pile on btw!) Fine if this evolves over time, but Evatt's dogmatic approach to how we have to play has cost us a lot of points this season and the last two games are there for everyone to see. To be fair he has tightened up our defence this year from last, so let's hope he knows what needs to be done in midfield and up front as we need to start consistently scoring more than 1 goal a game if we want to go straight up.
  10. We need different fuckin tactics too
  11. Commentators spot on, why have possession if you do nowt. Evatt sets us up in a way that is too hard to win games consistently, we don't score/create enough. A second half of a play off match that you're losing and not one shot on target, crap.
  12. Except at least having some shots
  13. This is poor, Agreed, all the same old shit, being bullied and can't play through midfield.
  14. I think it is the congestion that the defending team want?? Defending headers just need to keep it away from goal, attacking needs be on target etc. Therefore a crowded penalty box is more beneficial to the defending team, less space and opportunity for attackers to lose markers etc. No idea if I'm right but it's the only conclusion I could come up with that fits why they all do it.
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