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  1. I envisage the wide men being flogged to death by Evatt tbh so Isgrove, Dapo, Politic & even Fonz??? will be regularly rotated and subbed. So prob need another one tbh...
  2. I think MJ had the biggest impact of all the January recruits, and really rate him! However, why would Blackpool let him leave if he is all that?? So I do have a nagging doubt he may not be as effective in L1 as we all seem to think he will be???
  3. Isgrove always reminds me of a poor man's Stelios. Not quite an out and out winger, and rarely flamboyant, beating people etc, but clearly grafts and has the confidence of the manager to fit into the team shape. Good signing.
  4. Winstanley, 'Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!!' 1989 Sherpa Van 35 yarder to get us to extra time v Wrexham. Winning that trophy was catalyst for all that came after, certainly felt huge as a 14 year old!! https://youtu.be/CPwBJ-BF-1c
  5. I agree Rizlar, we do need to score more than one goal. 2 attempts on target in the biggest game of the season, utter shite. Yet the sanctimonious gang on here have been preaching how it's all we need, well clearly not! Funny how many off days we have had recently and lose?, Why are we not set up to have an off day an still grind a result?. Why do all our component parts have to work 100% to win a match, and then only by a single goal. The margins are so tight every week and Evatt has done nothing to address it. We should be home and hosed by now, we have the resources to have
  6. Thanks all. Spider I will DM if that's ok?, cheers!
  7. Any WW heating engineers? I have two zones in my house, one rads and one underfloor heating which were working fine from the old combi boiler, which then failed and needed replacing. Ever since the new ATAG boiler has been installed we been getting no end of 'flow control' errors, and very little temp in the underfloor. After many weeks of resetting the boiler and getting the boiler looked at under warranty, the latest guy says the original plumber has done it wrong. And the zone valves should be on the flow leg, and not return as they are; as such the flow and return temps are
  8. Why don't you jog on you fuckin cock! About time after 3 matches doing fuck all
  9. He never deserved a starting spot
  10. That fuckin free kick, get it in the box!!!
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