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  1. I would like to see John come back in, but after Evatt's comments on Iredale offering more strength defensively can't really see it at an away game. Was expecting John to start yesterday tbh.
  2. Definitely his most aggressive! We were far the better team and for once got what we deserved What did the No.8 do??
  3. Top 4 all play each other at the weekend, good opportunity to close the gap.
  4. Yet never been left out?? How can some of those on the bench not be thinking double standards at play by Evatt
  5. Ha, prick, for what, calling Santos out for being a gormless cunt! Like several others on here have too?
  6. Will he?? Should never have got back in team. Evatt made his views pretty clear, best CH outside premier league. If I was Aimson would be having a little chuckle and looking for a new club coz if he gonna pick that calamity in front of you every week your card is marked.
  7. Santos best centre half not in premier League??? Muppet
  8. The queues didn't appear any shorter/quicker, so maybe cash wasn't the only problem??
  9. Mine just did it automatically so long as use same email to log-in to both shop and season ticket account. But then my mate that didn't work for him??
  10. Same happened with me and my Dads Fester, will have to give them a bell when I’m back. Bit of a piss take though after all the membership bollocks they then ship tickets on different price categories on same client ref!
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