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  1. As long as they aren't the shirt sponsors, can't imagine many shirts would be sold to middle aged men if it has Pretty Little Thing on the front of it.
  2. Terrible tackle, if he had caught Delfounso on the leg that he kicked the ball away with, you could argue he was going for the ball, but to go through his standing leg was disgraceful.
  3. Would be a great signing as long as Evatt doesn't expect him to track back/tackle.
  4. Interested in signing Zach Clough, don't know how they are going to pay his wages.
  5. Andy Gee


    Real. Out for 3/4 weeks.
  6. Think it was against Notts County, him and Andy Dibble were the first 2 players I remember being excited about us signing as they had a proper top flight pedigree.
  7. Did we sign Nathan Blake and David Lee in Januarys past?
  8. Middle one is Higuain who used to play for Chelsea.
  9. Trump supporters are a special kind of stupid. There was another video where she said next time I come back I'll be wearing a gas mask.
  10. They had already broken through the 1st barricade. So it was either let them in or they break it down, no win situation.
  11. Can't pardon himself but could leave early and then the VP would take over and could pardon him.
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