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  1. gilks injured - stick maddison in goal - hes already got gloves on
  2. beat these tonight then win the game in hand and we are 5 points behind the paly off spot - unbelievable Jeff
  3. Vardy, Loftus Cheek, Harvey Barnes, mason mount, ross barkley, choudury off the top of my head There isnt a Gascoigne so its a tough job for Southgate to blend all of these 'good' players into a team that can win a tournament. As we are going nowhere this year again Ive just bought a projector and a big screen for the euros
  4. As a kid I used to work on the groundstaff at Burnden - I remember chopping the ice and snow off the Embankment to try to get a game on against Everton at the end of the 70's - it was lethal - It was the game where George Wood clattered Peter Reid and lost us the first £1m player. bought my first car (a rusty old hillman avenger) from the wages though.
  5. Baptiste must be the worst professional footballer I have ever seen - that shit touch and then hoofing the cross out of play was just embarrassing
  6. What a depressing set of fixtures - we need to get out of that league as soon as - and I was there in the early 70's
  7. Branagan was much better with his feet than Jussi - Branny played County football as an outfield player in his youth - I've spoken to him about this and he admits that he was a massive beneficiary of the back pass rule coming into force.
  8. Dolphins for nearly 40 years - seemed like a good idea at the time. Hopefully things are gonna get better. Also a Hurricane fan and thats not going great either
  9. I really enjoyed the XFL - I like the in game player/coach interactions (except interviewing the kicker after he'd just missed was a bit brutal). I liked some of the new rules too, in particular the points after TD which add a new tactical dimension. The standard is a bit below NFL but 95% of the players have been in NFL or CFL set ups so its not too shabby. Dont know if I'll ever follow a team like I follow my NFL team but it will entertain me for the next few weeks until the draft and the NFL pre-season. One of my favourite sports bars is just across the road from the USF
  10. Kick off return or punt return was the most mental but also the most fun which maybe says a lot about me.
  11. I also played fullback for a bit right at the start of the Braves when Dave Batty was head coach. Work stopped me from playing saying they wouldn't pay me if I got injured playing a 'stupid' sport
  12. I honestly wouldn't care what they call it - based in London it would have no more relevance to me than any other team. Ive been a Dolphins fan for nearly 40 years and if we played the London Beefeaters or whatever they would be called I would still want to beat them
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