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    60s 70s 80s 90 and the rest... i was at Cambridge today I don't like being judged by lightweights
  2. Condelezza Rice met with Putin 2005. He pointed out the missiles the Pentagon wanted to place in Poland to counter Iran could reach 25% of Russia. She verbally agreed Russia could place permanent observers in the missile bases but when the written protocol was issued it stated Russian Military Attaches could inspect (very different)... first move in the wrong direction was under George Bush. US missiles in Ukraine could probably reach most of Russia apart from the far eastern reaches... a reason for Russian paranoia if ever there was one. Almost like a Cuban Crisis in reverse
  3. Careful what you're posting... I said this in April and was slagged to death, hence me now keeping well quiet Don't forget you will now be paying three grand to heat a small house, ten quid for a gallon of petrol and three quid for a loaf of bread. What price freedom? Bombed out houses and maimed children? Puffing our chests out, huffing and puffing and thinking we still have gunboats to sort the bastards out? It's all about the Pentagon wanting to put missiles as close to Russia under the "Iranian threat" fallacy. Maybe I should quote this on the Cost of Living Thread as they are closely linked
  4. She will sit alongside Dame Sue Grey and Cressida Dicks... that is how he did it
  5. My digital radio has a Yorkie bias and Yorkshire Water has started it's campaign... anyone remember singing "We're going to piss in your water" to the Leeds end?
  6. The very highest Public Office
  7. Agreed, they have to do a 3 hour stint on their own every other day as the minimum. Fit in the head as well as the body.
  8. Morduant is the only one of these self serving twats I would consider in a General Election because she is Navy and from my shortened career I know the principles and ethics the Senior Service apply
  9. No Prime Ministerial Candidate should have a criminal record, including Sunak
  10. They're a fucking shambles. I spent a long time in industry and the maxim was if you have someone who becomes an embarrassment and thorn in your side than you cut them out straight away no matter what the cost including any infected tissue so you can let the wound grow over. Tories and Labour need new leadership untainted by Brexit/Covid and move on. Strong and stable my arse
  11. And you kicked him out as well...
  12. Gotta shout "Come on You Whites" I would 🙂
  13. Looks like its going to be Cunt vs Cunt
  14. I saw that. I was shocked that Leigh still existed
  15. We all know Echelon doesn't exist
  16. I'd put a fiver on Tom in the the 12/1 trap
  17. She'll be standing in the Leadership election... poetic justice?
  18. Will Brownie be doing the agony aunt column again?
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