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  1. We were about 8 goals off the pace so maybe if we can work on the set plays some more we'll be there. Anyway, all academic now, summer is here. No World Cup or Euros so I'll probably sign off until August
  2. That was the beauty of the standing terrace, you knew the people by sight if not name, "see you next time" and stuff like that. If some stranger or whoever was getting mouthy or leery you could just shuffle away rather than being trapped in a plastic seat. We stood more towards the centre line by the way, we would have used the same gate and bogs in the corner.
  3. Look at it again through beer goggles
  4. Just snapped this on my office wall:
  5. Dimron

    MJ Williams

    I had one chance when the skip lorry driver came over to sort me out so I put everything I had behind it... sent the bugger flying into a puddle, I'd never felt such an impact. Copper who was sat in his car saw it happen and asked the lorry driver if he wanted to press charges but he said "I tried it on and came off worse" we shook hands (he was a decent bloke) but my hand swelled up on the drive home. Just goes to show I'm no good at fighting
  6. Dimron

    MJ Williams

    I once suffered a "boxers break" after punching a lorry driver at a motorway service station. Still went to work the next day
  7. Dimron

    MJ Williams

    That's what we used to do on the rugby pitch. Some of you already know what I would do!
  8. Living away I've had to put up with it more than you, he drones on about something that might have been relevant 5 minutes ago while the opposition are setting up a bloody equaliser or we've just bagged a couple
  9. Said something similar as he came off
  10. I went to school with David Vickers who lived just off Thicketford Road, he'll be 65-66 like me now, coincidence or a big family? Anyway, well done pal
  11. The cynic in me thinks Santos & Dapo have had upper league teams sniffing around them, now we're out of the promotion run we're preserving their value
  12. I'll go with that. We can play without their pressure
  13. Welcome to my life... I have bouts of tinnitus and there's nowt that can be done, except sue some 1970s rock bands
  14. Quite enjoyed that, two well matched teams having a go at each other
  15. Always stacks up according to GD at this stage, looks like Oxford could make play offs at Sunderland's expense. We're about 6-8 goals off the pace, the effect of not taking enough advantage of set pieces such as corners? I always maintained I wanted us to be in touch with the play offs at Easter. Started my summer early now although I might watch tonight.
  16. Ipswich or Sunderland if one of the teams above them slip up. I fancy Ipswich as they are on a charge. We're a good six goals off the pace, that is what not getting the set piece routines in place does. You can't walk it into the net all the time. At this point in the season it is all about goal difference.
  17. The best scoring defender I have seen was Tony Adams. There was an FA Cup tie at Burnden where he seemed to roll the ball down the back of his head and into the goal, I was working with a Yid and a Gooner at the time and we were talking about it for days. George Graham had them practicing corners whereas we don't and that in my mind has been our undoing this season. it would have helped with our goal difference and points tally.
  18. On 08.12.21 Dimron said on Brand Evatt: Santos has only been coached in clearing headers where you get your head under the ball. Scoring from corners using your head is different. I now dread corners because we bring our defenders up and the opposition can break on us too easily.
  19. Keep posting mate Ignore
  20. And if Ipswich get a similar score line v Portsmouth it might be on again
  21. I'd virtually written us off regarding the play offs but then I remembered we're BWFC and we never make it easy. So it's 3-0 tomorrow, Goal Difference is king now
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