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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Gillingham 0-4 Wanderers

Biggish Dave

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Back four?

Thought it was three at the back now!


Genuine question- I don't know, not being there.

I thought it was a back 4.......Dervite..Wheater..Beavers..Taylor..........with Deryck playing in the Spearing role just in front of them, with Pratley & Vela covering loads of ground all over the place.

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All played well last night but special praise for Derik who had a belting game after the couple of lapses that cost us goals at Fleetwood


Poor clearance granted for the first goal but Wheater should have done better to stop the cross in.


For the second I think Morais is picking up Grant who runs unchallenged into the penalty area.

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Was a back 3 for me with Taylor and Morais as wing backs.

I was in the executive seats down the side :) & in the first half Dervite was mostly playing right in front of us, so it seemed as though he was playing as right back ( & did well ), & that Morris was playing a lot further forward than Taylor, & also that Beavers looked more comfortable again,  which I put down to him being happier in a straightforward back 4.


On the other hand, it could have just been the way it panned out with the movement of the players on the pitch. I'm not over bothered when it works out as well as it did last night !!

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Unless you count the one that led to the corner for the first goal.


Not to mention the umpteen others over the last two decades.



Every single one. Slow walk up to it to prevent the ability to take a quick one.


And then an aimless throw down the line.

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