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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. Aye. He’s started 14 games, though - doesn’t suggest he’s wanted shut since he got here.
  2. Lowe, L Murphy, Weir, Matthews and Hall who’s just gone. That’s it, isn’t it? So Weir, then.
  3. He did. We had nearly 25k on for the fiver-a-pop return fixture.
  4. A Google search for ‘Peter Bell Bolton Wanderers’ brings up his Facebook page.
  5. That Rochdale home game has lived long in my memory as the dullest 90 minutes I’ve ever witnessed. There was another 0-0 at home to Scunny that wasn’t much better but was illuminated by a incredible save by Dave Felgate.
  6. That’s some gift given that the opposition can have the ball for five minutes between passes two and three.
  7. Not hard to write the headlines if he oversees our resurgence, is it?
  8. Aye, if we’d kept him we’d have been pushing for a Europa League spot.
  9. Easier to believe they weren’t.
  10. It’s not, but you’re assuming Rioch had them eating out of his hand because you didn’t have a dozen spurious sources telling you different. Besides, it’s miles easier when you’ve got good players and you’re winning every week.
  11. If you’re too slow in possession you end up rushing your pass because your options are shot to shit and you’re under pressure from the opposition.
  12. Bet that’s bollocks, he just managed in an era when every little thing wasn’t blown up into a drama on social media and dissected at length by folk with fuck all else to do with their time.
  13. Twice against them, I think! Once Bromilow, once Barnstormers.
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