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  1. The first part of your statement is correct in so much as I understand borrowing, equity and secured/unsecured loans when it applies to my personal finances What I cannot yet get my head around is when all this applies to a large business such as a football club and this myriad of companies (Inner Circle, Burnden Leisure, etc) and the web of loans, shares, etc That said I’ve found that Howard’s replies are slowly making things clearer and I take the conclusions that he draws as valuable insights and conclusions that he’s come to rather than outright ITK statements I wouldn’t expect you to understand the difference between a secondary-generalised or primary-generalised tonic-clonic seizure in epilepsy and why directing treatment at the AMPA receptor (particularly in the former) may be beneficial, even if you have a basic understanding of the genesis of epileptic seizures
  2. Strikes me as someone getting jealous of the new kid in the playground who is getting all the attention
  3. Stakeknife is probably the best book of the lot the lot that I read. Compelling if very disturbing
  4. Ffs now I’ve gone from picturing Howard as a Bond villain type to sitting in a silk paisley dressing gown sporting a cravat and a twirly moustache
  5. You really didn’t think that through did you? The correct WanderersWays response is to offer a straightener outside the club shop not go on an incomprehensible rant You need to up your game or you’ll be banned again!!
  6. Poster of the year imo Balls to Howard and his sensible stuff
  7. Aye. He appears in books from all sides. Summat definitely not quite right there
  8. Well he amused me in a way. Took WWays back to when it was all about being incorrect in many ways rather than being fascinated with accounting procedures
  9. iirc there were some undercover units over there that had been operating since the '70's in various guises This funeral was just after that bloke had launched an attack at an IRA funeral - just googled it - Michael Stone The undercover units had been keeping watch. From what I remember reading it was a mix of what miami and royal white say. The Loyalist attacks at IRA funerals had brought out the worst on both sides and the undercover units were being "proactive" and whether it was a branch of the SAS being a bit too "nosey" or a bit of a fuck up I don't know I started working in Belfast and Derry (btw I always call it Derry rather than Londonderry thanks to remembering the Grandstand teleprinter chugging the score out for Derry City in the 70's rather than any political affiliation) in 2003 when it was still very raw over there so I devoured books on the Troubles. Read all sides of the argument and that in a way is the problem. Whether it be that or any of the other things that happened over there, there's about 5 different views on what actually happened and why. This, Pat Finucane, Robert Nairac, etc. I know people that served over there. I've managed people over there on both sides of the divide. I doubt that we'll ever get the true picture of what actually was going on I turned into a bit of a geek about it all but at the end of the day came out of it knowing nothing tbh. Apart from the fact that the Northern Irish were some of the nicest people that I've ever met.
  10. When I first started working in NI I read a whole heap of books on The Troubles. Soldier, Loyalist and Republican perspectives. There were a lot of the same stories appearing in the books albeit with a different slant. That day was a common theme and from what I gleaned they weren’t in the area by accident. Possibly took a wrong turn on the day to end up where they did but........ Possibly one of the most horrific things I’ve ever seen and certainly something that I will never watch again
  11. All these newbies pounding Howard with questions. Journos? Desperately searching for nuggets seeing as their own sources have routinely given them nowt but shite?
  12. Over cooked possibly And yeah the chips were ace - tasted like they’d been cooked in lard or dripping
  13. Only ever tried it once and that was in Galway - it was really meaty and you almost ate it off the bone Guessing that the way it’s cooked has a big effect??
  14. Much smaller than Dublin and much nicer. There’s a fantastic chippy on the hill heading down to the Spanish Arch which does amazing Skate Wings and chips
  15. Dublin is fucking awful these days. Temple Bar is a shithole, O'Connell Street and the surrounding area is full of moody Albanians, and like Micky says the prices are just stupid. Mrs Manc's uncles and aunties live in Rathfarnem and Finglas so tend to stay around those areas if I'm in Dublin Don.t mind Cork and Cobh, and Kinsale is superb for a long weekend away. Galway is my favourite in the south though by a mile Belfast trumps the lot
  16. A bit too competitive at times!!! Shame Force India released Ocon - look forward to seeing him in a Mercedes next year Yeah - glad for McLaren and Norris looks a pretty decent driver. Williams still look a bit shit which is a shame
  17. Thanks mick. We will tbh it bored me shitless for a few years, but the arrival of Hamilton on the scene along with various rule changes made it more interesting for me. Now with Verstappen around it's got even better imo
  18. Yep. Not watched a full race but seen bits of a few races and those cars do look quick - guessing it's because they don't have to carry the fuel load?
  19. Did a 6 day driving holiday in ROI 4/5 years ago. Ferry from Holyhead to Dublin. Stopped the night in Enfield then did Galway, Connamara coast, Limerick, Ring of Kerry, Bantry, Waterford. Truly stunning on the West Coast but we got lucky with temperatures in the 30’s. Been to Galway with work when a gale was blowing off the sea - made it the most miserable place on earth Spent a lot of time with work in NI as well. Belfast is one of my favourite cities. I always found it friendlier than the south - apart from the time that I walked into a Republican bar and the time that I got lost and ended up in Sandy Row. Oops!!!
  20. Bit of a dull race in the end apart from the midfield scrap but then Melbourne usually is. Didn’t really tell us much apart from Ferrari appear to have a problem
  21. I haven't mate but heard that it was.
  22. MancWanderer is fuming. Cunts
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