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  1. Now he was truly, truly dreadful So bad that Harold Wilson got in for a second go at ruining things I’ll never be Maggie’s biggest fan but you only have to look at Wilson, Heath and Callaghan to understand why and how she came to power. Forget the legacy look at what happened before her. The way it’s going, Corbyn could easily get in and then people will wonder why another Maggie rises to power
  2. I was front row right in the middle of the goal and to this day can’t believe that goal was given. After Megson, Coyle was a breath of fresh air, but that game pretty much summed up his reign - promising at times but petering out with a whimper
  3. On a lighter note did I read somewhere that Slaters have opened up in town? Is the centre carrying on its progress at looking a lot better?
  4. Saw that in the MEN. Dear oh dear that’s just horrendous
  5. Correct. Just reread my post and badly written I was meaning that he was to blame for the overall trouble not my car He could easily have gone a couple of miles down Oldham Road into Failsworth, Newton Heath, Clayton or Miles Platting and found a similar “white” demographic and not been so antagonistic
  6. My apologies to any lefties on here regarding my post. It was nowt to do with your lot. My commie pal went to show solidarity against Tommy and soon departed. It was pure white trash vs brown trash nowt else Having seen the videos posted on local Facebook groups and spoken to people round here it was a racial confrontation and nothing else. Asians coming in from Bradford, Huddersfield, Bolton, Blackburn, etc, etc. Utter scum That said, Tommy couldn’t have chosen a more provocative place than Limeside. Right next door to Hathershaw and Copster Hill. There may as well be a big fucking wall dividing two communities of trash. Much as I’m annoyed that my car got booted and scratched by a group of brown racists (fuck off you white cunt is what was shouted at me) the bell that is Tommy is to blame. No need to be there. No need at all. That is why he will never ever be taken seriously. Politician my fucking arse
  7. Tommy Robinson is a bell end Some scum who happened to have brown skin booted my car because I’m white Im pissed off Is that clearer?
  8. Spent the afternoon sorting out the step-daughter's garden in Chadderton Finished up and nipped to the Spar in Limeside on my way home completely unaware that Tommy was visiting Fuck me that was eventful!! To the left - fuck off you utter scum - I was not there supporting Tommy, I'd gone to buy some fucking milk, and to the cunt that booted my car thanks a fucking bunch that's damage that I'll have to pay for you utter fucking wankstain waste of oxygen. Fuck you and all of your ilk To the right - what a great fucking place for Tommy to visit. Right on the border of white vs brown. Fucking washed in Persil white Mancs vs scumbag brown asians. Never the twain shall meet separated by the M60. White trash vs Brown trash. Fucking fantastic place to visit Tommy has some very valid views, on various issues, but he is an attention seeking cunt of the highest order. And those against him are just as bad
  9. Ha ha never been on one mate. Scheduled trains in my youth or kids ‘n’ flids coach when the daughters were young
  10. Same here. Having watched the latest episode of Wicked Tuna I flicked on to BBC for a quick 10 minutes before bed and ended up watching summat that I've not seen for a while all the way through Very funny watching the sad ripples of applause for so many comments from the panel. Basically the audience told the politicians to "fuck off you boring cunts you don't represent us" Tory boy tried hard and got some sympathy for being nice, Labour luddite was exposed as being a totally useless dick, and the rest of them got off pretty lightly, apart from the SNP, who got exposed for what they are imo, although I guess that some would argue against what I saw and heard
  11. Yeah I know that but it was the other stuff that he was saying
  12. Question Time from Scotland tonight is fucking brilliant
  13. Forgive me for not understanding what point you're making but I haven't a clue what you're trying to say? "the 1 player every bolton player wanted in the team that wasn't" "the only one concerned enough about wages to engineer a move"
  14. ALF wouldn’t still be here. He’d seen the writing on the wall and fucked off somewhere he could get a decent pay cheque paid on time
  15. Please be Derby. The longer that I see empty seats at Villa the happier I am Oh....and John Terry also...
  16. Blimey. You'd think that we take things seriously on here....
  17. Is the correct answer
  18. Unfortunately he was probably not too wide of the mark along with a few teams this season 😨
  19. Woah!!! I thought that this place had rules about things that you don't jest about? This and hoping that Man U win owt?
  20. Yep. And Molly Bentham’s on Church Road were the best of the lot
  21. Animals wouldn't stoop that low ie gravy on fish
  22. Exactly. Sky Sports almost as trash as Kyle. Murdoch and all that
  23. Youngest used to work next door to the studio where it was filmed in Media City. The stories that she came home with. Exploitation of the vulnerable for entertainment. Nowt else
  24. Only thing I'll say is that be massively aware if you're there around the 12th July Battle of the Boyne and all that...... Walking into the wrong pub, North or South, could be interesting to say the least
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