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  1. As the late MetLoaf would say, two out of three aint bad.
  2. Is it an inconvenience once or twice, or is a change that has been made permanent ? ( I don't know, thats why I'm asking). FWIW. I'm not sure of the business sense of ever pissing of your regular customers for a one-off sale. I dont sit near that corner, so I've no dog in this fight, but I could understand some raw emotions if people are getting moved to accomodate away fans. I assume if we drew United in the cup, then you would have no complaints giving 3/4 of the stadium to teh away team ? After all, they would probably pay more than we would. Or is it only the Yobbish Crazy corner that should be treated in this way ?
  3. I hope you two are going to make peace ?
  4. Might be a shock to his wife if they are. As far as I was aware, they were/are business partners. I don't remember seeing his name on anything official to do with Football ventures, so was surprised to see him on the list of interested parties for the EFL submission.
  5. The reason I ask is this snippit on the clubs website: The Club is a member of the English Football League (EFL) and is subject to the EFL’s rules and regulations. As required by those regulations, the Club can confirm the following persons have a ‘significant interest’ (as that term is defined within the EFL regulations) in the Club: S Brittan; M James; K Morris; N. Luckock; N. Mason. https://www.bwfc.co.uk/company-details/ I assume the N Mason is Nick Mason, who has had business dealings with Sharran, but I hadn't seen his name actually officially recorded anywhere. Was curious, thats all.
  6. Girls cant play footie at school. Win the Euros Boys do play footie at school. Don't win the Euros. Perhaps they are looking at this all wrong .......
  7. what role, if any, does Nick Mason have in the club?
  8. Sorry. Just for fun though, to whom did I compare them to ?
  9. Article on t'beeb today. Man City Mens pay 62% of their income on players wages. Man City Ladies pay 113% of their income on players wages. * edit: And staff wages
  10. Laid the Foundations for the Lionesses success.
  11. was the 4k development the year before, a one -off too ?
  12. HTH https://www.bwfcst.co.uk/about-us/trust-documents Accounts YE 21
  13. Indeed £14k a year to run their web site. from £7k income from members. No wonder they need my £10.
  14. Morrisons do a service where you can go to the customer services desk, and ask for a 'package for Sandy' You will then receive a plain brown envelope with sanitary products inside, no questions asked. There is no reason to ask how I know this.
  15. I think we only leaped them, due to them failing to beat Alan Balls Exeter (A) the same night. Dodgy 97th min (!!) for Vale too that night.
  16. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-62166276 Train drivers on strike 30th July according to the beeb
  17. Saves me watching it later then.
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