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  1. I did have to google who our number 15 was in that Gillingham game. So many players I have no recollection over the last ten years or so.
  2. I'm assuming they have 8pn kickoffs, and a membership scheme ?
  3. United have the largest wage bill in teh league. They have the highest net spend over the last 5 years. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses.
  4. Can still buy away tickets, or home cup game, this season as a st holder, without membership. As far as I know anyway.
  5. Its unlikely anyone else got 90 minutes of 'Gerald Sinstadt, your a wa***r, your a wa***r' shouted at them.
  6. As ST Holders, you would not need to become members to purchse tickets this season. Ticket sales stopped at 1.30 to everyone however, so you would have been unable to buy them anyways. Sorry you missed the game, but it had nothing to do with the membership scheme. There are obviously problems for some with it, but there are so many stories where people are blaming the scheme, where it is not at fault.
  7. His inbetween brother, CJ, didnt get where is he is today, by wearing underpants decorated with Beethoven.
  8. Cracker too IIRC, free kick against Brum ? Jussi sent off same game.
  9. I especially liked his '70% of all those that have died from Covid had been double jabbed' comment.
  10. How shit must he be, if they only named him once.
  11. Actually - 100% the other way, as a ST holder you already have the league game, and can buy a Cup ticket. I suggest you actually read the communiques.
  12. Sad day. Condolences to his family & friends. I hope he knew how much respect he had for everything he did on here.
  13. I think he had the best of hands, in so much as he got off lightly, as everyone blamed the situation, rather than him. 7 at Accrington FFS.
  14. TBF, other than Tomski above, its not been suggested anywhere has it ?
  15. so you just missed the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th they conceded then ?
  16. Bolton 0 eight times in the last 12 league games. Two clean sheets all season. Problems at both ends. Hopefully we catch lightning in a bottle again after January.
  17. Lots of running, not much touching of the ball. kachunga has not scored in 36 games ( and counting) Really is Afolyon or nothing.
  18. Better then we were in the first. Probably they have shaded the second half. Just.
  19. Aye, because thats working. If Plan B doesnt work, try Plan C. Its folly to stick to a plan thats failing
  20. They changed the rules yesterday, to suit themselves.
  21. Sorry. Have I really just seen Football hooliganism blamed on Brexit ? Fucking Hell.
  22. He also said we were the best team in the league. He isnt always right, you know.
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