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  1. Wages paid. CEO stands down https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/65063887
  2. 2nd half was the best performance we've put in for about 7 games. Hopefully thats the springboard.
  3. as per the UK governments official document. https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/research-briefings/sn01403/
  4. Isnt it also a case that we get a much lower number of applications, and as a result, a lower number, but higher proportion, of succesful applicants ?
  5. Also placed under embargo - same reason, late submission of accounts.
  6. At least its not too much of a regression. For Comparison: (Away games in brackets) Last season: L 0-4 v Wigan (D 1-1) L 0-2 v Rotherham (L 1-2) D 3-3 v MK Dons (L 0-2) D 1-1 v Sheff Weds (L 0-1) W 6-0 v Sunderland (L 0-1) L 0-2 v Wycombe (L 0-1) 2020-21: D 1-1 v Cheltenham (W 1-0) W 2-1 v Cambridge (D 1-1) D 1-1 v Morecambe (W 1-0) L 0-2 v Newport (L 0-1) L 0-1 v Forest Green (W 1-0)
  7. To be fair, we came close to scoring once or twice.
  8. I'm guessing that the fact the MP's are preferring the MOTD that shows all the goals, and has replays, rather than the MOTD of the last 50 years which didnt show all the goals, or have replays at all. Or that they are tweeting what they have told to.
  9. Because they are the one usualy in charge.
  10. Deleted yes. Apologised ... well ... you decide before So thats ok. its the 'i am sorry you are offended' defense. At least it proves it was only casual racism rather than full on KKK.
  11. And yet people still want to come here.
  12. He did take care. It was grammatically precise, no waffling, and no innuendo.
  13. He played 8 league games, plus 3 playoffs. I dont remember him standing out, other than the final against Preston.
  14. Would it be unfair to include Matt Clarke in this list ?
  15. Wont offer anyone a ruboff on the coach.
  16. I know they had to change it/do something completely new. That doesnt mean, if they have a popquz, that they have to make it utterly overengineered, in order to defferenenciate.
  17. The fuck was that ? Nothing like overcomplicating something unneccesarily.
  18. Already on sale aint they ?
  19. I parked there for the Torquay game. Huge wait after the game, I cunningly followed a minibus with union jacks on the back, and BURY showing. They seemed to be avoiding all the queues. 30 minutes later, after seeing no other traffic, noticing that I was starting to see Southend on traffic signs and having a quesy feeling, kicked the passenger out at a red light to go and check, he lifted one of the flags and it turned out to be Bury St Edmunds.
  20. Went in asda after the match on Sat, to pick a couple of bits up. Went thorugh the scan as you shop bit, cashier on the end lane was sat there asleep.
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