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  1. Thought it was a 7 year old ballboy invaded the pitch
  2. I heard it was the Deane overflow ! Or the Leigh massive.
  3. Hi mate, not bad, now in Aussie, just moved last month. Hows howfen ?
  4. 0-1 another shakey 3 points
  5. 3-2 shakey but 3 points.
  6. If they were playing BWFC next week, women 4 - shower of shite bwfc 0
  7. This thread is more boring than rugby
  8. As well as being shit, every one of the spinless fuckers cant even be arsed, granted ive only been over for 270 minutes of the torture this season, but from what ive seen, they can all fuck off without pay.
  9. I thought it was a typo, now im just confused
  10. Gotta say, it wasnt my first thought, still isnt ,
  11. Quiet Mr Grey or i’ll get in touch with the Wallsall massive to come and shit you up again, all 12 pf them on their grifters, 2 on budgies, and top lad on a chopper.
  12. We were utter dogshit again today, but at least they looked like they were trying. And I got to see a goal before i go home ......
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