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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Forest away

radcliffe white

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2 hours ago, Mounts Kipper said:

Sunday kick off 12.30 a relegated demoralised team and a 7.30 on a Sunday start make this the least appealing fixture for moons. I’m out 1000%. 

In fairness didn’t we take a decent number to Fulham in virtually identical circumstances the other year?

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1 hour ago, Mr Grey said:

Yeah good idea, Forest on the lash, stay off that Nobbys Pilsner, in fact stay away from the overpriced craft beer micro bars, which for those in the know, thats watered down ale with dandelions, elderflower and dock leads added! Absolote piss!

Dave dropped out 


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In 1909 Leicester Fosse were fighting relegation. They beat ManU in their last home game (with 3 aways to come), only to find other results meant they were relegated that day (17/4). Two days later a player they had recently transferred to Everton got married. The wedding reception lasted over 24 hours and on 21/4 they played at Forest before many had sobered up. Forest won 12-0 on the Wednesday afternoon, and the crowd increased throughout the second half as new of the game's progress filtered through to nearby workplaces.

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