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  1. can anyone provide a montage? is he as good as braaten/wilhelmsen? can this be backed up with some championship manager stats???
  2. large strawberry milkshake, and nine (now 100% breast) mcnuggets . or a double bailey-bu
  3. how important do you feel a youtube montage would be in relation to assessing potential signings?
  4. sssh just seen jim magilton on platform 1 looking for the blackpool north train. in the bag
  5. folks, i have a trophy going begging... i had the idea of The Damaunt Cup to be annual charity event for M28 sunday leaguers to give something back... frankly a lot of them cant be arsed. please take this off my hands, and use it for something worthwhile. i would loved to be involved in anyway, but the trophy is there. all i want is it to be used for something charridy related- not much better than this
  6. also the voice of jake from the tweenies. the guy has a MBE or summat!!
  7. dont think these are still available
  8. i love my crocs- really comfy- and so what if i look like i pack meat for a living (not fudge before anyone gets the chance). ideal for those who are running late before/after a sunday league game, allowing quick and easy transition to boots.
  9. as one roman famously said "eto'o beauty"
  10. i can honestly say i am not arsed what is printed on the front of the shirt, its the players wearing it i am more concerned about. we could be sponsored by tampax ultra- i would still love to see us lift the fa cup wearing it!!!
  11. agreed. i cant see it happening, but the pistols were quality, and having been too young to see the roses, i have nothing to compare them against. bring it on
  12. please prey tell, i spent years looking for my ex's... right or wrong, i have pissed around at work all day (after six weeks off they expect me to be productive?), but by having my haircut for the first time in over a year, and without applying pressure on anyone, i have raised enoung filthy lucre to... i'll leave it at that. comic relief has the medium to get people onside. i would preferably had the money i raised go elsewhere, but matters of out my control prevented that. do i feel guilty about this? a little, but does that stop me from trying some more? not at all. comic relief provides an avenue for those uninspired by individual charities. how many are too tight/lazy/syupid to find a charity they solely believe in? donations are no bad thing
  13. without word of a lie, some cnut appears to have nicked my speakers!!! i am not joking... am guessing my brother, but not happy
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