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  1. Ally Marland (Simons Son) kit man..
  2. Well the gates would be off the hinges for start...
  3. Ha Ha the longer you've been here the bigger cunt you can be... wtf
  4. But how many push their Shite badge down our throats..
  5. 不不不不不不不 Wanker..
  6. Think he's shagging one of the mods..
  7. This griefmonkey needs binning..
  8. Cant believe the Reading fans stayed stum...
  9. Don't talk silly, fkin Teflon...
  10. Thank you Zico but apparently he reported me for "threatening" behaviour, did he actually think someone would actually come round and literally kick him off his PC I promise not to rise to him anymore ..
  11. Report this as well , Wallpusher..
  12. Kick the fucker off then there's no need to block...
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