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  1. Are you all not bored with this FFS
  2. Is this the UEFA version of the league cup were no-one really gives a fuck until the semi's
  3. I haven't a clue who this bint is but just from the earlier photo she is now on 1 of my lists "Fantastic arse but fucked up" section
  4. Does it really matter It's a bit of fun Better than singing "wanky Wanderers and walking down the Manny Rd" every 2 minutes
  5. Ok, "0-0 and you fucked it up"
  6. Bolton lad should've responded with "2-0 and you fucked it up"
  7. Burnley fan i work with thinks the same Gonzo
  8. And being honest, which the football world wont accept
  9. Agree with Piemon Fuck um 0-0
  10. Mounts, Did you ask him why he sold Madine because if it wasn't for that we would've easily been mid table last year
  11. Yes but when they were up they were up
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