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  1. Are you all not bored with this FFS
  2. Is this the UEFA version of the league cup were no-one really gives a fuck until the semi's
  3. Does it really matter It's a bit of fun Better than singing "wanky Wanderers and walking down the Manny Rd" every 2 minutes
  4. Ok, "0-0 and you fucked it up"
  5. Bolton lad should've responded with "2-0 and you fucked it up"
  6. Burnley fan i work with thinks the same Gonzo
  7. And being honest, which the football world wont accept
  8. Agree with Piemon Fuck um 0-0
  9. Mounts, Did you ask him why he sold Madine because if it wasn't for that we would've easily been mid table last year
  10. Yes but when they were up they were up
  11. He once marched them to the top of a hill
  12. Where ever Big Sam rocks up he'll be there
  13. Because they've got fuck all else to do with their sad lives
  14. Parky had better buck his ideas up
  15. Apparently Wolves will be challenging for a top 6 spot this season
  16. 16 of us on a mini bus
  17. It's not "sitting on the edge of your seat" football but it will do for me Looking like a team these days 11 grafters out there last night Little Whitt in the CM was looking for the ball and wanted to move it forward at every opportunity, he's going to be a good un that lad We're looking big and strong Sammy gave us a bit more width when he came on Long may it continue COYFWM
  18. He has a selective memory like his selective grafting
  19. Who for some strange reason keeps you employed
  20. You might get paid 12 hours but you don't actually work them you pink, lazy, gay, sheep shagging work shy fucker
  21. I thought Kane didn't pull up any trees either but that comment can't be classed as racist because he's white
  22. Well Pabs IMO i didn't think Sterling was as good as everyone makes out, but what do i know so i must be racist
  23. I wish they would all fuck off with this racist bollocks it's getting a little boring now
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