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  1. Scotts closed for a month so you'll need to make other plans if you usually drink in there pre match.
  2. Chris Armstrong, favours Bob Marley these days
  3. Confirmed on here... http://www.evertonfc.com/content/history/history-of-goodison-park
  4. Blake got sent off I think, mcginlay scored a 30 yard lob that was disallowed for off side.
  5. Reading a 28 year old french player scored 2 for Norwich academy team tonight. What an utter farce.
  6. Tesco stadium soon as naming rights are sorted hopefully!
  7. That's when Jeremy Bon was keeper for the world xi
  8. No Wooler on bench, walker late replacement
  9. The Wenger quote is great, those were the days ????
  10. Ben feed isn't very interesting so far, don't think Iles can type and listen at same time. Will wait for forum feedback later.
  11. Afridi bats to the end we won't win.
  12. 2019 series still on sky, BT can do one if they think I'm interested in the Big Bash.
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