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  1. Where selling in the hotel before Oxford match
  2. Should the club not be snapping these up?
  3. Didn't Taggart get sent off at Birmingham for grabbing someone by the throat there as well, 1996/97 season
  4. Good opportunity for game time for new signings
  5. Leach comes in at 11 first innings then opens 2nd innings in same day
  6. Could be the game we move into + points or we could be on 9 points with a win 👍
  7. They’re probably both wrong 👍
  8. Nii Lampty who then became Nil Lampty.
  9. Not saying best but Wheater scored a volley from a corner last season that was quality
  10. Remember us being main game playing Blackpool in 1st round of FA cup, early 90s. Think we lost 2-1
  11. First day of the 86/87 season, it was my first game and we got beat by Swindon 2-1. Happy memories walking with my dad from Bromwich Street and through the St Peters Way subway to the ground. Think Chris Kamara was playing for Swindon.
  12. Wages paid on time and no monthly hmrc windups will surely be a step forward?
  13. Millwalls run in looks pretty tough, they are there to be caught with Rotherham
  14. All dressed like extras from peaky blinders
  15. Can the new owners first change be we stop playing Sweet Caroline before the game?
  16. Loads of photographers behind goal in north stand first half, presume there for all the expected Norwich goals. Did they move ends for second half?
  17. Woeful crossing today, noone, wildschut, and polish lad all not at it even though they got into decent positions at times. No attacking edge at all.
  18. That back 4 and Lowe looks a very solid base to build from. Great save from remi near the end as well.
  19. Sky sports app stopped working at half time
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