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  1. What we need on this site is a travel agent type person who could arrange these things for us.
  2. How much for an apartment? Interested.
  3. It will be a big search
  4. Members of the WW £150k club will be queuing up to purchase.
  5. Do they teach them how to climb fences and the best places for fake tickets?
  6. Looks like they are excepted to be back home and back to their old ways this afternoon for the parade "Merseyside Police advised spectators to "keep bags fastened, phones hidden and to drink responsibly". They also asked fans to not bring fireworks or flares"
  7. Looks like it’s a trip to Burslem next season
  8. https://twitter.com/boothyp/status/1528425776542105600?s=21&t=dRvZ60TgsDhPLd-9X9ofcQr
  9. Didn’t kick him hard enough.
  10. They should have put it in Liverpool
  11. Maybe Balotelli with a firework in his hand.
  12. He wore black boots in the 66 final
  13. No but managed them for just over 12 months.
  14. Dirty Leeds bastard and now in the bottom three
  15. Carragher was getting over excited last night about Liverpool and he never gets pulled up on it. He must have used a full box of tissues the amount of wanking off over them he did. Hate the scouse spitting cunt
  16. Little Lever 2? Renewed after a 2 year gap. ESU
  17. Or they need the website clicks.
  18. Do they want to come do my garden during the closed season?
  19. Probably to get closer to that massive screen.
  20. Who's shirt will you be asking for?
  21. I’m struggling but in it for the long game.
  22. Great win for Burnley but I find myself feeling a bit dirty with wanting Liverpool to win but if it goes towards Everton being relegated I’ll forgive myself.
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