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  1. She’s already an expert at that. She doesn’t need anymore opportunities to spend money.
  2. And buses replacing some of my train journey from Macclesfield. It’s now a 2 hour trip with 3 changes. Looks like I’ll be giving it a miss unless I can convince SWMBO to drop me off and wait around for 4 hours.
  3. If anyone is interested the 5 for £20 offer in Reflections is on again.
  4. But we’ve had 65% possession
  5. 11,498 East Cheshire Hospice
  6. 31 Doyle East Cheshire Hospice
  7. Too late now I’ve placed my beer order for my seats in Refelctions. Wonder if they’ll let me swap.
  8. I will have on Saturday
  9. Can you get in the hotel for a beer after the match as SWMBO isn’t picking me up until 6.
  10. I’ve just spoke to the ticket office to move my seat for Saturday and asked about the reasoning behind only currently selling ESL seats. They told me that they didn’t want to open up all the stands as they may not sell out but will only open WSL when they have sold 90% of ESL. After WSL is nearly sold out they will then open NSL. To me it seems a stupid way to do it I would guess most folk would want to sit in their ST seat or close by but then again what do I know after 50 years of watching BWFC.
  11. Dapo 41 East Cheshire Hospice.
  12. I booked the last two this morning. Let’s hope I’m not sat with any of you deviants.
  13. freds dad


    My mum had dementia and never headed a football in her life. Thats because she played in goal.
  14. Cheers. I saw the bottomless brunch offer on the hotel website. Food and drink for two hours for £35. I might ask about this as well.
  15. Interested in this. Where can I book?
  16. Is Megson still tending to his garden at our expense?
  17. 18 mins Dapo East Cheshire Hospice
  18. Did he do it on porpoise or just for the halibut?
  19. 23 Afolayan East Cheshire Hospice
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