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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. Bus wanker Is it one of the £2 fares?
  2. What's the process for ordering two tickets if both are ST holders?
  3. I go South on the M61 so hotel is probably best for me.
  4. Thanks. That's my plan for tomorrow then.
  5. I need to get away straight after the match and I'm thinking of parking on the hotel. Does anyone else use it and what's it like for getting off?
  6. Because Baby Jesus wouldn't like it,
  7. That’ll sell a few more tables.
  8. @NeilhartCEO doesn’t like this.
  9. It will be easier to park on Middlebrook as no shoppers around.
  10. How would she have sucked Dodi off if she was wearing a seatbelt?
  11. I’m sure they do but they wouldn’t want the amount of traffic that would be on the the motorway going through Altrincham as an example.
  12. What is our strongest 11?
  13. Anyone using the M56 to get and from the match be aware that some of it closed the weekend of the match.
  14. Oranjeboom. A lager not a tune.
  15. And maybe a defender or two. McGuire to Chelsea?
  16. Will come and find you
  17. It’s worth it even if you only have the drinks package. No queueing No riffraff
  18. There are two lifts
  19. Come over and buy me a beer
  20. I’ll end up with a waiter
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