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  1. Brilliant! top work everyone involved!
  2. Have a great day lads. Gutted not to be able to get up there
  3. Struggling to make it tomorrow as my youngest has covid. Gutted. Mate of mine is going to ‘be Lofty’ so if you see him give him a poke 😃
  4. There’s absolutely zero wrong with it And even if there was, it’s the badge that begins with BW we support not the fucking sponsor CBA looking at the fuckwits moaning online; embarrassing if folk are. Just embarrassing
  5. Is it fuck 🤣 it’s a registered address
  6. What makes you say that?
  7. In fairness, the reason put forward by Iles is that he’s 2 offers from a higher league, so they may not be factors. Those concerns have probably contributed to limiting our offer financially or length of contract wise but I think we all get the wanted to play higher (and why not) so it was possibly irrelevant as soon as champs clubs got serious. Shame but on we move. Just hope we look for alternatives that are also direct and/or pacy
  8. Splendid scenes that. Brilliant entertainment
  9. Yeah club shop 👍🏻
  10. 👋🏼 aye. Got that and the white hot one for me and the Dapo one for my eldest. They’re pretty decent 👍🏻
  11. Likely to be out of our league but this lad would be ex’s for what we need IMO
  12. Well, getting there was a clusterfuck They weren’t awful, we weren’t great, and we still won. Trafford and DadBod the pick for me. Saw quite a few ex WW old skool lot. And Spazzy Darren Sat in the emptyish bit far left, was kinda nice to relax in the sun and watch the main body of our support; was pretty impressive really. Odd bloke sat by me reckoned he was a Swansea scout but in the Bolton end cos his missus (who wasn’t sat with him) is a Bolton fan. Very strange and pretty convinced he’d made it up. Which leads me on nicely… not quite sure exactly what’s going on as not reading too far back, but I wouldn’t like to be the 3rd or 4th person at an away game to tap Dolly on the back and ask him if he’s called Rudy 🤣
  13. About 9:28 you can see the chair they lobbed at Kachunga
  14. My guess it’s because they need to clear the away car park. That gets let out first, then the buses etc doesn’t it. i think cos of where it’s situated and the majority of traffic passes it, and Is often stationary around it; would they want them coming out 15-20 mins after us, and if they want to cause bother they’d be straight out and into loads of sitting targets Is the theory get that cleared out as they’re closest to the 61, and then the home follows? all that is complete speculation BTW
  15. Soho House opening in Manc later this year.
  16. On to lighter stuff best performance from Aimson in a white shirt for me And this new corner routine running from deep seems to create space. Like it. Well done IE and co. Strange game. Thought we started the 2nd half a lot better than the first then conceded. And then scored when we looked unlikely to. Strange game. Love that we never give up
  17. What is this new (old) fashion for lobbing shit Us and other teams It’s really really wank they chucked a seat on the pitch at one stage
  18. He explained that one of them was rude to him in a lift so it wasn’t discrimination, it was direct experience
  19. A WW mod? 😃
  20. Would have taken a point before KO So happy with one at the end But I think IE gets the team right from KO plus we don’t start like scared bunnies and we win that by 2 or 3. And that’s a compliment to IE and the progress we’ve made longer term. He’s still learning and we’re still 2/3 players off challenging (that’s if we retain all we want and Fossey returns for example) Agree that Aimson ain’t good enough for the way we play and although I’d keep him for the squad, we’ve outgrown MJ. The better we’ve got, the less influential he’s been. On the Kachunga debate, he’s a really talented player but not sure we’ll ever see much product from him (like Ngog maybe), and to play him today was a mistake - as was Sadlier on the left - when Wigan are power and pace especially charles may have been anonymous but he’s had a thankless task - chasing long diag balls and defenders. Him off JDB/Baka works in my head Rico MOM for us IMO/ he seems really on it again Most importantly we need to keep IE and back him. He gets stiff wrong, he’s stubborn, and his mouth/actions don’t always help but he’s the man to keep us going forward - I’m utterly convinced Be reet. Straight up next season 👍🏻
  21. It was fair criticism tho. He’s shocking why do we wait til 65-70 to press. Most weeks! Evatt was defo Jekyll and Hyde there; got it badly wrong to start but good changes
  22. Their players are so so much more up for this than us It’s bizarre
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