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  1. Ha I was blabbering to big Ged about that too 😂
  2. We’re never as good as folk make out we are when we’ve won a few but never as bad as folk make out we are when we lose a couple IMO we’re a bit laboured moving through phases. I don’t mean we should hoof it but there’s a lot of passing around at the back, not just cos we want to work a gap but cos options aren’t on and then when we run out of ideas or are under pressure we resort to a pointless floaty diag. That works if we’ve dragged them out but not if it’s the only option. We let them regroup a bit too often too. This for me is as much why the strikers don’t get the lions share and midfielders score. Not just a personnel problem up top. Williams should start every week unless we get a better version of him We create less when Morley isn’t in the 2 in front of the holding man. Williams plus Morley and Lee/Dempsey just in front doing the dogs work Dapo is a conundrum for me He is genuine quality and gets them shitting it But he often slows down our play way too much and makes the wrong decision We get the best out of him in from the left IMO I’d play Dion right of a 3 and JDB centre as it stands when Dadi is fit That’s if we stick with this formation AND Dapo stays I think us not knowing our best attacking line up is an issue be reet
  3. It’s not that I didn’t think he played well, I just feel that with MJ behind him he’s more weaponised. I also thought Dempsey did a shit load of the unappreciated stuff last night. And KL
  4. Massive Morley fan but he was less effective in the main in that deeper role for me. I much prefer him further forward where he gets involved in more dangerous areas
  5. Not a great performance IMO. Disjointed and laboured against a team without their main man Good grind to a win though Aimson, Johnston and Dempsey best players IMO and Bradley is crucial on we march, but not quite at our best stride and rhythm yet
  6. No and yes for me Too laboured in moving it and patience doesn’t help we’re winning now so all different but one shot on target doesn’t win many games statistically We could easily concede a mistake/worldie and not have enough to get another unless we increase tempo IMO hopefully we don’t, they push on and we pick ‘em off With you on Dapo. He’d be ideal for that Could easily as end up 1-1 or 3-0 ATM
  7. Lack of movement and very devoid of quality so far much prefer Morley further forward coukd be attritional this when you feel at our most imperious we’d dick these meh
  8. Cheers Zico, Mounts and Scouse Cunt I’m abroad so no VPN needed but assume it’s not on iFollow will try IPTV for 2nd half when we get back to can see if it is on for junior if not, appreciate the help anyway fellas COYWM
  9. Any telly/streaming jobs tonight for those of us that are away? Thinly veiled blah blah
  10. If you head to Playa Paraiso - 5/10mins in a cab there’s a Stokie bar just up from Hard Rock and they’ll put on any iFollow you want - usually have a few games on at once on the various screens @Danny Grecommended it to me a few years back and I’ve seen us play from there a few times
  11. Superb effort Feel sorry for Dion at times; works so hard but the ball just isn’t dropping for him Solid start and hopefully we’ll not switch off like we did for their goal as we get into the swing of things They’re a decent side and press like we do so v happy with the point. Just about deserved but if I was them I’d be bemoaning not putting the game to bed.
  12. Up top?! He’s RWB
  13. I get that but I felt that in his head it was a stretch to drop below Champs to us in the first place. We’ll see
  14. Summat on twatter about Dec John to Wrexham. Surely not
  15. Brilliant! top work everyone involved!
  16. Have a great day lads. Gutted not to be able to get up there
  17. Struggling to make it tomorrow as my youngest has covid. Gutted. Mate of mine is going to ‘be Lofty’ so if you see him give him a poke 😃
  18. There’s absolutely zero wrong with it And even if there was, it’s the badge that begins with BW we support not the fucking sponsor CBA looking at the fuckwits moaning online; embarrassing if folk are. Just embarrassing
  19. Is it fuck 🤣 it’s a registered address
  20. What makes you say that?
  21. In fairness, the reason put forward by Iles is that he’s 2 offers from a higher league, so they may not be factors. Those concerns have probably contributed to limiting our offer financially or length of contract wise but I think we all get the wanted to play higher (and why not) so it was possibly irrelevant as soon as champs clubs got serious. Shame but on we move. Just hope we look for alternatives that are also direct and/or pacy
  22. Splendid scenes that. Brilliant entertainment
  23. Yeah club shop 👍🏻
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