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  1. Can’t be. Where’s all the Wiggin players?
  2. Those stats look decent going forwards in the end but with about 15 mins left we’d had 2/3 on target IIRC. When you’re 2 down that’s not gonna help. the step up in pace/urgency certainly changed that, but there’s a few reasons why we went, what was it 350+ mins without scoring recently - now there’s a damaging and crucial stat That said, I’m sure we’ll improve
  3. But they are when it’s like that every week, and our shots on target is always really low. The reality is that despite the possession we don’t create that much I think that may change post Xmas but it’s where we are right now
  4. Whilst we were huff and puff for long spells, even when we were clearly devoid of confidence for that middle hour of the game, I don’t think it ever looked like players weren’t trying. Not at all for me
  5. I don’t think it’s bad at all And I’m still firmly behind Evatt I think a few tweaks would still see us improve though
  6. I’d take that but we’d need the premise of a big season next year to keep the few quality players we have for this level
  7. I don’t think we are clamouring for a switch to hoofball or “gerrit forwards” as such, but of us moving it with more decisiveness and movement off the ball, as we did (as you say) in the latter part of the game yesterday I think you can play football and show urgency at the same time, but yesterday from their first goal until the 75/80th minute we didn’t do that, hence we created v little. In fact with 10/15 mins left I showed my phone to my father in Le who was sat next to me and we’d had 2 shots on target all game according to SkyBet. It seems about right 🤷🏽‍♂️ Lots of mirroring of early last season before we found our stride when we seemed to press go only in the dying embers of games
  8. I get that, and I thought Bakayoko was going to be our option for that but he’s been playing wide. My issue however isn’t the height of the crosses, it’s more the timing The amount for of times we don’t cross it when we could (ground or airborne), allows them to set and our runners come to a halt is scandalous - then how often are we passing it around a crowded box and get nowhere? A lot is the answer KL’s goal came from a move from deep hence him still moving ‘on to the ball’; KL to Isgrove, early ball in from him, when that was too long John drives it in and KL is still on the move. I like ‘proper football’ as much as the next person but moving it quickly always gets the opposition thinking and panicking more Yesterday, and recent games, have had shades of the first half of last season about them; if we can bolster the squad similarly to last year then I see no reason why we can’t push on a bit, but we aren’t going to tika-taka around teams in League 1 with much success (and without conceding) with this lot as it stands - we’d be better being a wee bit more pragmatic at times
  9. It’s an odd statement indeed IMO: Isgrove puts in a shift but his delivery is poor. John the better of the 2 for us IMO. We have to stop conceding shit goals where we’re nowhere near 2nd balls. They were a big side today and at times we were out-muscled; similar to Wigan who were faster and stronger than us; Rico, Williams and poss Bakayoko aside we are worryingly physically weak IMO. Kachunga is particularly powder puff. Although he made a decent double save, Dixon doesn’t command at all either; if we want to progress (next season maybe) then we need a better keeper for sure. Sadly I’d say the same for Doyle; I like the lad but he isn’t good enough for the top end of league 1 for me. I also fear we are overly laborious going forwards; we got the best change out of it by playing the diag over their fullback’s heads and had them on the turn but too often we didn’t play it in when we could - Isgrove particularly guilty. We then turn back/cut in and by then our runners have stopped and they’re all back in position, the box is crowded and inevitably we get blocked out. Our decision making and execution in the final third is so bad. Final worry for me is the huge over-reliance on Dapo. Give it him, stand and watch - been the same the last 3 games. It’s not fair to put it all on his shoulders. Promisingly we stuck with it but if we want to push on, we need half a dozen better players
  10. He and Rooney share an agent so no surprise he went there. I would save surprised however if he’s dropped money; Stockport have loads of it now. They also may be mid table but they have some players for that level; I think it’s the Manager they’re not sure about. They’ll be there or thereabouts come the end of the season
  11. I didn't. Never will. Picture of him and talk of Madine on this thread has riled me more than the pasting against Wigan Anyway, Kieran Lee has a new sponsor 😁
  12. Does anyone know which players were wandering around Plymouth on Tuesday?
  13. Wowsers. Imagine them both binned
  14. Rumours pre-season in Stockport that we were going to swap him for Rooney, so may be an extension of that...
  15. Yeah seem that now. Daft fucker. Just wrote the team talk for everyone we play and their fans
  16. That isn’t him saying it though is it; that’s Richardson’s reaction to what he’s been told Evatt said Iles had confirmed what Evatt actually said on Twitter tonight
  17. Fuck mop see yas all again in a few weeks then 👍🏻
  18. Is it safe to look on this Fred? 👀
  19. I’m just going for a shit, while you highlight where I said you did 2 can play the dick
  20. Pathetic eh…and Grown men booing their own team isn’t?
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