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  1. I hear there’s a cracking sponsor for this game 😇😇
  2. Great day. Not a brilliant match but what an ending. Bodies everywhere. Thought Fossey was MoM myself, I like his directness & the fact he’s always on his toes not heels so he seems to win a lot of 2nd balls. I’ve no issue with Doyle but Charles will give us so much more. Love the way he rats about and doesn’t give them a break at all Another clean sheet as well; glad Evatt realised a new keeper actually was a priority 😀 Was really odd walking back to town after; like a ghost town. I may have took a wrong turning as it took me 6,000 steps to get back to the Post Office boozer in the centre 🤣
  3. In A rarity these days Jules Senior is in and both of my nephews. More startling though is that even Big E is turning out!
  4. Lee is nowhere near offside https://twitter.com/nathjnzy/status/1482391425518125060?s=21
  5. He probably should have squared it but I liked his confidence, and a good left foot strike
  6. Yep very very subdued given the numbers I took a colleague as a guest today and as a neutral he remarked how good the Bolton fans were and how quiet they were We’ve lost to worse sides than Ipswich, so very satisfying that; particularly the fact we didn’t concede in the first half hour when we were second best and 55 to about 65/60 mins, and the way we protected the lead. Hapyp feeling tonight. Forgot how good it felt 🙂
  7. Oh and Charles is quality. Will be v good for us that lad
  8. Did anyone else get Morley and John mixed up a few times of just me? strikes a lovely clean ball that lad
  9. Worry about Ipswich Saturday now 🥴
  10. Agreed But folk have been telling me for weeks a new keeper isn’t a priority when I’ve been banging that drum fuck knows why as it should be #1
  11. Hanlan giving Rico a real test physically Been a lot more of that this season than last!
  12. Thought we played ok. Seem to be moving it forward with more intent which is key Same old story tho Soft defending Go behind Then the opposition engage in time wasting and ‘lower division craft’ Think we could well win this though
  13. Not sure who’s been worse tonight, him or Dion Dublin
  14. Fucking brilliant that. 🤣 Can’t eat that green shit 🤣
  15. I think this fella is one of the FG lot
  16. I hate hate hate to say it But there’s more and more compelling evidence that we have the biggest fuckwit support in the land. I’m sure it some kind of bias as we see & notice more of it, but by crikey the recent catalogue of Twitter nonsense really is the icing on the cake 😒
  17. ….you been making TikToks again? 🤣
  18. If I was him I would pro-actively volunteer to do that now…
  19. Never seen so many fuckwit posts across lots of social media channels by BWFC fans as in the last 48 hours. Christ on a bike
  20. Oh aye, that’s for life
  21. Aye Best BWFC player for me last night n all Can't be doing much for his confidence usually only playing when we’re to bare bones and getting ragged tho
  22. I thought he looked lively. More mobile than Doyle, held it up well and tried to link in others. There was a great turn on the edge of their box Bodes well for me
  23. Nah it’s ok to: Support the knee & not like what he posted Yet not want him strung up When I was a teenager I sung Munich songs and wore Bolton badges with red hands on. Now I think it’s a dick move Stop the petty point scoring you nobs Only on WW could an ancient racist comment by a player turn into folk trying to make a point against those who don’t like racism 🤦🏽‍♂️
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