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  1. Get rid of that fkin idiot at half time ffs
  2. Can't see anyrhing coming of this. The fax will end up in someones back pocket
  3. Relegation clash and we bottle it
  4. Fuckin sack that useless cunt
  5. Good point considering our record there and playing nearly an hour with 10 men. Well done Parky out
  6. 2-0 Ipswich Well hopefully keep it down to 2. Shit bastards
  7. How long do you give him though before its too late??
  8. Thought it was a tournament to get rid of shit like san marino, Luxemburg, scotland etc and only the winners get to go through the qualifying rounds for tournaments. Saves us playing against the said shit teams to qualify
  9. anewman

    Pne Away

    Oh way oh Super josh mcguiness Oh way oh Hes got a 24 inch penis Oh way oh He fuckin hates the ira
  10. anewman

    Pne Away

    Im sorry but goal just been on ssports and alnwick should of had that second goal. He was half way on the floor when the ball was in the air
  11. anewman

    Pne Away

    Their player Johnson i think head butted grounds
  12. He can't get us past the first round ofna cup competition so no chance with Europe. Should of told him not to bother
  13. Getting excuses in already is he
  14. Now we are stuck with Southgate
  15. I detest sitting in a pub with opposing fans. Makes me wanna go windmilling. In krakow now and will be avoiding the bars later for that reason when the games are on
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