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  1. Great save Matthews thank fuck Alnwick wasn't in goal or that was in
  2. I reckon we'll be stuck with this fella for another 10 years
  3. 4-0 defeat. Shit cunts parky out
  4. .another game and no win. Shit cunts parky out
  5. 0-2 relegation signed sealed and delivered
  6. The Russians didn't have it all the own way in Marseille. So i was told
  7. Another game another loss shit cunts
  8. I really fear administration is on the way We have never recovered from the mess gartside made and we have spiralled out of control ever since
  9. Played 407 won 138 33% Quite shocked at that
  10. Since Owen Coyle took over to this present day? Somebody must have it down somewhere I'm guessing a 23% win ratio
  11. All a smoke screen to take the pressure off parky
  12. Meanwhile warburtons are set to spunk more money on shit adverts. De niro rumoured to be next
  13. Come on Ian you know how i want success as much as you but there comes a point when enough is enough. After last seasons start that should of been it then
  14. Couple of bad results?? The stats are appalling Any other club would of got rid months ago Plus the football is dreadful to boot
  15. Come on byro you can't defend this anymore
  16. Grow some balls you slimy cunt
  17. They wanna be in r gang r gang r gang They wanna be in r gang oh yeah
  18. Tattoo is getting removed. Not being associated with that shit anymore.
  19. Donaldsons shot what the actual fuck Rofl
  20. What the fuck was that pass from wilson
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