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  1. I'm the same. If we beat Sweden I'll be officially excited and allow myself to give this rumour some consideration . . .
  2. It's a fair point. I like it as an idea but it needs a fair few runs with a hot iron before it's reet. A WC was not the place for a test run
  3. Delivery wasn't quite as good as it was prior but God knows how many were being nipped, held etc
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44726669 Very humble again yet confident with it And a mention for Bolton Good egg our Gareth
  5. See Marabinga has been having a pop. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44716774 The cheek of it is highly amusing. Bless him
  6. kin el I'm knicking that one for the golf course ha ha
  7. My Mrs has started listening that now - she loves it went over my head though
  8. Pretty much been answered above but same reason for me - we've trained, drilled and know that system and it allows some flexibility which the squad are clued in on. It's Kevin Keegan like to switch things last minute . . . Said all along we don't really have an effective plan B and when teams adapt we struggle, yet here we are! Agree but I'd put that down to the system rather than the player. I'll admit he creates space and panics defenders, probably better than anyone, but without any end product I'm not seeing the benefit. Toss of a coin between him and Rashford I suppose. What's said above about Alli looking better with better players around him probably goes for Sterling as well LC for Alli isn't a bad shout either
  9. Odd one - if that's why they don't pass which, let's be frank, is bollocks. Again, like Moslem, whilst I wouldn't use the term I had no idea Jap was deemed so offensive? Poor choice of sub though for me. Welbeck would have been better . . I'm now off to disinfect my mind
  10. That would be suicide imo. Rose and Rashford in Sterling Young out. Simples. This WC is showing that these teams are hard to beat and Iceland wasn't as big an embarrassment as it might have first seemed (still shite though) Got to say Kane ran his bollocks off last, night proper captain's performance. Shame he dropped so deep
  11. So was I as it happens - also discovered we were top of the Prem after beating Liverpool on the flight. Guy next to me must have wondered what i was doing stifling a whole body shake and incoherent mumbling . . .
  12. Read they practice after training sessions when they're fcuked - probably not that unique but good idea nonetheless. Seems they have a clear plan and strategy - 'owning the process' sounds good doesn't it?
  13. We were on top last night for nigh on 105 of 120 minutes. A little more quality (and better refereeing) and we win easy imo. I think we're due a result that reflects performance and this ere momentum - we will have lots of it now, and belief 3 - 1 Please though, drop Sterling. I really want him to do well but his end product is always frustratingly bobbins
  14. Aye but I'd rather play the Swiss As I type that Sweden score . . .
  15. We'd have struggled I reckon. We only really have one plan/style of play. When teams adapt we struggle. Our best chance is to get at teams from the off and try and edge in front early - I'd say we've got a good chance of doing that against any team I've seen so far And yes, I'm getting nervous now.
  16. It shouldn't but that image made me laugh I also thought, 'Who's Dave . . .?' then realised what you meant - spaztardc'estmoi
  17. That's literally inSeine 100% deliberate that time Whites man
  18. Is the correct answer That being said, there are worse out there. How does Jo Brand keep getting gigs? One more shit joke about her shit husband or eating too much cake and I'm putting a complaint in
  19. Is it me or is Sutton a right miserable so and so
  20. Chatting to one of them there yanks t'other day and when I asked him about the WC he said something about watching grown men roll around like a 7 year old girl whose been shot isn't very appealing. Hard to argue with him really although I did point out us English generally frown upon such behaviour . . .
  21. Brazil v Belgium would be very tasty
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