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  1. Like that scene from Anchor Man - things escalated quickly
  2. I'm loving this at the minute
  3. Aye I'm selecting to talk about Russia as the World Cup is going on there at the minute.
  4. So all Muslims are terrorists then? Wouldn't want to go near a Mussie with a bag pack? I think you're right by the way, for a small section, but you must concede the media's obvious hypocrisy and bias
  5. Aye I saw that post. I just find it amusing and a tad hypocritical that media like the BBC, Guardian etc are happy to create an image of Russia(ans) as a racist, war mongering state and even warn against blacks travelling there; and on the other hand if you were to suggest that you're fearful of, and may get kidnapped and have your head lobbed off, in an Islamic country you're a racist, Islamophobic so and so. I know Russia are no angels but it does seem to back up the idea that 'it's alright cos they're white' kind of mentality. What it really shows is that most folk are decent fun loving people who couldn't really give a fcuk and that the media like to stir shit when it suits their agenda but nail it down when it doesn't
  6. This is as good a WC as I can remember. Always better when the hosts do well as well. On that, I've heard not one report of bother, racism or the like . . . hmm Would it be fair to say those accusing the Russians of racism may have been being a bit, you know . . . ?!
  7. He's not getting an invite to the BBQ then?
  8. I'd bet most that actively dislike him are the beer throwing types or young lads who are, as you say, too cool for school. Any adult harbouring negative thoughts about a lad who films his spacker face (credit to Gonzo there) at the match is a tremendous whopper
  9. That was a pen for me but it was never being given was it?
  10. Spain have looked laboured all tournament but like Brazil you feel there's another gear or two . . . I'm not convinced that's the case watching this
  11. That doesn't surprise me but fcuk me that's painful to hear. Not an ounce of regret either other than 'of course we'd have like to have won'. cnuts
  12. Got to be wanting a Russia win here? Ooh pen . . .
  13. Embarrassing enough when Sky do it. . . unless you're about 7 Doesn't his Dad work in a PR capacity for the club? Could be wrong. I'll watch odd clips but this whole Milennnial thing of filming absolutely everything isn't my bag at all.
  14. Hard to pick a favourite there but feel i want to see th'argies gone more. Goes without saying it would be lovely to see ol big head lose on penalties later as well - preferably him taking the deciding pen
  15. Enola Gay . . . can't get it out my fcuking head now. Had their day, get rid.
  16. My Mrs made an interesting observation last night - Gary Neville has a vagina between his eyes
  17. I disagree. last night's game told us nothing really other than our B team looked disjointed (rusty and trying too hard?) and Jones shouldn't be anywhere near the England set up. I'll admit that Sterling should probably keep his place as well but it might have been a different story if he (Rashford) was playing with the first team. . . We're are a long way from being a top class side though, our midfield and defense look very shaky under pressure, but still reckon we're good enough to win this (which is a contradiction, I know)
  18. I see a few pundits Waddle and the like have stuck the knife in a bit - not that it matters but have some perspective ffs We've got a genuine chance of making the semi's and who knows then. As has been said before, you don't need the best team/squad to win a tournament. (helps mind )
  19. Seemed that way contrary to what GS was saying before the game - he has to say that though doesn't he? It was a glorified friendly really where losing was probably the best result. No team in world football would have done any different We're in the KOs and have Columbia then the Swiss or Sweden in a QF. You couldn't ask for a better route to the semis given what teams are left. If we don't beat Columbia or the QF opponents then we simply weren't good enough (which most thought anyway).
  20. I'd have been concerned if that was our first team. We all knew our strength was pace up top and counter attacking but that team just wasn't working - didn't like the two up top either. Last night was like England of old at times Still think we can beat anyone but equally could get a hiding off a better side. Keep playing to our strengths and make teams wary of our threats - Only way we'll have any success.
  21. Tough game but if we turn up we'll win. 2 - 0
  22. Pretty much my thoughts. He had to rest players, would have been daft not to. I get the momentum thing but that was a different team who now all have a bit of game time going into the KOs. Had we needed to win to get this draw we'd have been buzzing - losing not ideal but we could/should have drawn it. No games are easy but come on, every England fan should be buzzing
  23. Looks like Belgium are all but throwing this one so I expect an England win. 3 - 1 I then hope they get raped by Columbia
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