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  1. It is racist if the bottles are only ever thrown at black players. I’m sure people will also say that booing isn’t racist either. But if the booing is only directed at black players then that is most definitely racist too.
  2. Well done to the club for making this public. Totally respect anyone’s decision not to take the knee or to actively support others doing so. But to actually boo and effectively criticise those trying to do good is something very different and something I just can’t understand.
  3. So it looks like this is just a midweek competition that’s being proposed. The clubs want to do this whilst continuing to take the money from the domestic leagues too. Well you can’t have your cake and eat it
  4. The Fulham penalty tonight. What do people think? Commentators said it was definitely a penalty and I just don't see it...
  5. Lookman should never have even been taking that penalty. I would have expected Mitrovic to be taking that one all day long. Obviously doesn’t have the balls I thought he did
  6. wiggy

    Kids Footy

    I’ve just finished my first season helping run U8 grassroots football. All of the problems we had this season were down to parents. Some of the behaviour I witnessed was just unbelievable. My son also plays with a pre-academy and it couldn’t be more different. Parents not allowed to be involved at all and the kids and coaches can crack on with enjoying their football. I’m all for the silent leagues being trialled in various places. Allows it to be about the kids and not the parents.
  7. Sky Sports reporting that announcement on possible points deduction won’t be made for “weeks”
  8. I'm told that they may be slightly distracted this week with a far heftier punishment for another club which is due to be announced over the next few days.
  9. We actually live near London so journey not too bad. Just wondering how child friendly the whole day is likely to be. Cash on the gate with several thousand pissed up wanderers night be interesting 😀
  10. What a day. I’m sure that like everyone else I am absolutely shattered. Thinking of taking kids who are 7 and 9 to Gillingham for their first away match on Saturday. Good or bad idea?
  11. wiggy

    Take Over

    Anyone else not sleep a wink?
  12. What a great day that was. And made all the better by some amazing hosts. Wycombe showed what an away day should be like.
  13. 65 years my Dad has been watching Bolton. 35 with me. Pretty much all my best memories with him are watching the Wanderers. Yes we’ve loved trips to Madrid, Marseille, Cardiff and Wembley. But we’ve also loved Gillingham, Fulham, Portsmouth, Barnsley, Cambridge etc. And not forgetting some simply amazing times at Burnden and the Reebok. Watching Bolton is what we do together. Can’t bear the thought of that being taken away. Have woken up more excited about perhaps any match ever. Simply can’t wait for Dad to pick me up in a few hours. Come on you whites..!!!!
  14. This. Haven’t been so excited for a match in ages. Down to the fans to make it a special afternoon regardless of what happens on the pitch.
  15. Thought about taking the kids too. Either in home or away areas. But eventually decided this wasn't the right match for a 7 and 9 year old.
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