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  1. We were completely outplayed by a team that included players from Fulham, Leeds and Norwich. Plus a Rangers reject. I don’t think it’s unfair to have expected a bit more from us tonight.
  2. Apologies Casino. You were clearly all over it!
  3. No-one’s asked the most important question in all of this? Who’s got the bigger ego…? Ronaldo or Piers Morgan
  4. wiggy


    Big thanks to those of you who flagged up how poor the packers were the weekend before. Jets were odds of 5-2 at Green Bay on Sunday. Very nice!
  5. Great fight. Fair result. Hope there’s a rematch
  6. Can’t be anything other than a Shields win
  7. Excellent fight. Hope I’m not going to jinx her but don’t think Shields has the power to knock her out. But Marshall needs the knock out now. Hopefully she’ll get it late
  8. Will we ever get over Barry? I “watched” that match on teletext in a bar in lanzarote.
  9. wiggy

    Kids Footy

    Didn’t want to put this on the Queen’s thread and wasn’t sure it was quite politics but felt it should go somewhere.
  10. Is there a more frustrating player in the premier league than Zaha? The finish for the goal was absolutely brilliant but as usual he spent the rest of the match on his arse, giving the ball away or shooting miles wide with his wrong foot. Should do so much more than he does.
  11. Benn vs Eubank confirmed for October 8 at the O2
  12. Didn’t seem to get much of a mention earlier but the pass from De Bruyne for the second goal today was a thing of beauty. Hate to think how many goals he’s going to assist for Haaland.
  13. Friend of mine bought 1 adult and 1 child season ticket for Arsenal for a total of £150.
  14. England Women vs USA Women at Wembley went on sale yesterday. Completely sold out. Season tickets for Arsenal Women sold out today. Brighton have already sold twice as many season tickets as last season.
  15. Just leaving Wembley now. Absolute scenes. What a brilliant brilliant day. Loved seeing my Dad dancing around with my daughter after the match. He was at Wembley in 66 and today. Not a bad double!
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