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  1. Broken eye socket. Canelo really is brutal.
  2. So it looks like this is just a midweek competition that’s being proposed. The clubs want to do this whilst continuing to take the money from the domestic leagues too. Well you can’t have your cake and eat it
  3. In case people decide they know what’s best to do and their actions cause the situation to get worse?
  4. If you want to watch England at the Euros then yes!
  5. And I'm still finding it quite unbelievable that normally intelligent folk who claimed that we definitely 100% won't have a second wave and should have cracked on from Christmas still think that they know better then the scientists and government.
  6. Well a UK holiday won’t involved hours inside an over crowded airport, time crammed into a plane with several hundred people, won’t involve mixing with populations who haven’t been as lucky with the roll out of their vaccination and more likely to be affected by variants. But other other than that no difference....
  7. Various outlets reporting that very few people in the UK will be getting their first dose in April. A shortage in supply means that the vaccines we do have will be used for second doses. Under 50s won’t be getting their first dose until May. Which might explain why there’s no thought of speeding up the relaxations
  8. I can't stand Piers Morgan - he's a blood sucking leech who has made his career from the misfortune of others. There's no doubt he has an issue with Megan Markle. She slighted him and he hasn't forgiven her. But I'm pretty sure he would have been crucifying Kate in exactly the same way if she had done the same. He's behaving like the spoilt child he is, but I'm not sure it was fair for it to be insinuated that it's because he's racist.
  9. Personally I’d totally support their decision not to want a life in the public eye and stepping back from public duties. But would you go on TV and slag off your own Dad?
  10. Everything I’m reading says that this isn’t right. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) says the next people to be offered the jab, from around mid-April, will be, in descending order: All those aged 40-49 years All those aged 30-39 years All those aged 18-29 years
  11. Hopefully last week of home schooling my 2 kids (ever). 10 year old daughter has been in school 1 day since beginning of December because of periods of isolation.
  12. Numbers at the moment are really encouraging. What's going to be crucial is what happens with everyone back in school. No-one really knows quite what will happen. It will take a month or so from schools reopening to get an idea what that means in terms of infections. Fingers crossed numbers don't start rising too quickly as that would definitely slow everything down. If numbers stay low then we should at the very least be able to stick with the proposed timetable for getting things open again.
  13. Currently doing those aged 65 to 70 round here. One vaccination session per fortnight because of reduced supply despite the centre being ready to go 24/7. All very random right now but we will get there.
  14. Anyone who thinks teachers have had an easy time of it over the past year is bonkers. The leaders of the unions may be complete wankers but in my experience the same does not apply for the people they are representing.
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