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  1. Loved limbs all over the place with jeep and the howfen massive. That was a proper away day.
  2. Just got three adults and a child in the family area at the side. I was told there were not many left so just selling tickets in the family area.
  3. They have to become a member to get a ticket. The membership expires at the end of this season so we all have to renew after this season to get tickets for next season.
  4. Micky was the lad with the big nose the one stood on the barrier with his arse hanging out because his jeans were falling down. If it is I’ve seen at a few away days and he’s definitely not a full shilling.
  5. I hope you’re right mate the support has been good so far. Next season could be memorable with some mad away days Crawley and Forest Green won’t know what’s hit them
  6. After every man and his dog gets on Accrington we could be back down to the few hundred hardcore from January onwards
  7. This is supposed to be a thread about remembering Eddie but it is turning into taken over part 2. My suggestion would be to wait until later in the season when things have hopefully settled down on and off the pitch and then rename the west stand after Eddie. We could have a family/community day with tickets at £5 in the hope of getting more through the turnstiles and invite his family along. That should show the family that we appreciate all the effort and a thanks for the memories
  8. Ordered mine Wednesday they arrived Monday. Less than 200 left now according to the Bolton News I imagine they will get snapped up quickly
  9. I was a little bit further back on the terrace and directly behind the angry guy. I vaguely remember him shouting something but my memory is piss poor
  10. I thought there was chicken wire in front of the away end my memory is shit or I’m confusing it with another ground
  11. Did that happen on that estate close to the ground. We went into the centre after the match and heard someone had been stabbed
  12. I think it was Trevor Benjamin who put them 1 up. Some young lad from Bolton spat through the chicken wire that was in front of the away end and it landed on TB back. I’ve no idea who scored for us but I think it was a comfortable 3-1 in the end
  13. I’ve got a spare I am due into Leeds station at 11:46
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