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  1. Out, not that I was ever in.
  2. Time for Dapo to claim a starting role every match again. Pleased for him as he’s looked utterly fucked off in recent games.
  3. Apparently 1400 days since our last win in the fa cup. Sack the board
  4. Bonkers that. Not sure I would have still been in the ground if Ipswich were ballooning 2-4 up at ours.
  5. Bonkers we went long with their giants at the back. 2 balls into the channels all game, Lee should have scored and then Charles did. Hate seeing us get bullied and we can’t blame the ref, they’re fucking shit every week. Dapo looked utterly fucked off yesterday.
  6. Fantastic he got up there for the goal celebration. Bit gay having a favourite player at my age, but he’s definitely mine ☺️
  7. It’s a struggle to get there for 3, with the lads morning kick off times at 11:30 sometimes. imout.
  8. Having slept on it and seeing the deflection again I’m even more made up with the 3 points than I was at 5pm. Massive result for us and the 2 draws above us worked out well in clawing back points.
  9. £7m 😂 Todays first chuckle of the day.
  10. Loved that today. Just what shit house tactics deserve, a massive fuck off deflected winning goal. Thomason starts next game, excellent again.
  11. Nice one Matty once again for compiling. Love reading this thread following a win.
  12. Just seen the disallowed West Ham goal. Very harsh, great job by the chelsea keeper getting that chalked off.
  13. Enjoyed that yesterday, as above Thomason deserves the plaudits and another start against cheltenham. So many options in midfield now.
  14. Well that’s lowered expectations. Really disappointing today, no urgency and not much happening in the final third, they did a job on us.
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