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  1. Twattish sounds about right. Got sick of them calling our own fans 'boring twats' for having the gall to sit down in a seated stand. I heard one guy shout to Dixon "fuck off you Barrow cunt" at 0-0. A few also booed Delphouneso coming onto the field. Just grow up!
  2. I'm no expert on the matter but just read there's no away fans car park. It might be worth hiring a space nearby rather than relying on street parking.
  3. I can't figure out buying online for this, just says I don't have the right membership. Is having a season ticket not fookin enough these days? I miss writing the club a nicely worded letter complete with cheque for away tickets... no, honestly. Either way rang through and got 3 tickets. First away game since Accrington, so expectations are low 😂
  4. Open terrace or covered do you know?
  5. As far as I read it your mate would have been eligible for the discount if he had booked before the 7th July having bought part of a season ticket last year. I specifically asked for my old ST on the phone but the lady answering said it had already been sold.
  6. I'm basically in the same boat as you. I just rang through to be told my seat had already been sold. I managed to buy a seat on the same row 3 seats across. All a bit misleading though.
  7. Sorry not been on here for a while so might be raiking over old ground. I didn't renew last season for various reasons, but I remember the club saying that we couldn't reserve our old seats owing to restrictions if the ground had reopened last season. My question is, is that still the case? Trying to buy for this season and the tinterwebs asking me to choose my seat, when I look for my original seat it isn't an option. Going forward does that mean I can't get my hands on my original seat? Maybe it's a bit childish but I reckon I've spent over 7 grand on that moulded bit of plastic so would be a bit miffed if it's gone for good.
  8. It will be interesting to see the ifollow figures from an away fans perspective for this match.
  9. To think Evatt said Yoan Zouma wasn't any better than what we've already got at the back to warrant a contract. I think Zouma might wanna consider a new profession then!
  10. Nice little piano solo there to compliment the commentary 🤣
  11. I would presume as the season tickets are on promo codes the club wouldn't make a bean out of it, maybe the club itself has to pay a small fee for coverage 🤔
  12. I've never used ifollow before. Is it a pay monthly subscription or pay on a game by game basis?
  13. I was hoping for that kitmans locker sale coming round, so I could find some training wear possibly in large. Maybe an unused Faal top going spare!
  14. I was at Highbury that day. I think I'd only heard of Johnson that very morning travelling to the game, I was surprised when we got there to find he was starting. I have to say though, most energetic debut I've ever seen. If he had his shooting boots on it would have been the complete debut. He tried his luck from about 25 yards that almost hit the upper tier!
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